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ABC (ended 2013)
Four weeks from today, new drama Lucky 7 will premiere on ABC, following the lives of seven lucky co-workers who win the lottery. Will the creators of the show be lucky and produce a very good series? That, we'll find out soon!

Lucky 7 is based on a British show titled The Syndicate. The Syndicate features a new group of people each season, and each episode is focused on a different person. It is unknown whether or not Lucky 7 will follow the same format. But, should Lucky 7 follow that format? In The Syndicate, the seasons are a few episodes long and each of the winners gets one episode about them. Thirteen episodes however have been ordered for Lucky 7, and there are seven people. Plus, the pilot follows all of them. It seems unlikely that each episode will follow a different person, and then they just repeat the people throughout the season. Although, if the show got 22 episodes, that would work and each would have three episodes about them. We will have to see if Lucky 7 will do that starting on October 1, with its second episode. But should Lucky 7 do that? In my opinion, it would make the series more confusing, and lacking in character development. I think that, if they get the opportunity, Lucky 7 will most likely feature another group of seven people in each of its future seasons. I believe this might not help because each season we'd have to learn about new characters, but it could also help as new viewers could tune in each season and not have to know anything at all about the previous season.

Would Lucky 7 do well if it had more action? If Lucky 7 had a lot of action in it, would that improve the series? Will Lucky 7 have action in it? It looks like to me that there will be some but not a lot.

I think that the people whose storylines do not feature much action, should have more comedy-drama storylines. Don't over-dramatize the show! Humor and action can make this show succeed!

What do you think that Lucky 7 should do to be successful? What kind of show do you expect Lucky 7 to be? Do you think that Lucky 7 will/should follow the same format as The Syndicate? How well do you think that Lucky 7 will do? Tell me what you think in the comments!
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Sep 25, 2013
It was an excellent pilot and I will be watching !
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