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Lucky Louie

HBO (ended 2006)



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Lucky Louie
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Lucky Louie, which Emmy-winning writer-producer Louis C.K. also wrote, centers on a middle-class couple with a kid. Louis C.K. will play the father. He also will executive produce the HBO Independent Prods. project with his manager at 3 Arts Entertainment, Dave Becky. The show was hot in front of a live audience, stems from Louis C.K.'s development deal with HBO. This was HBO's first attempt at a traditional five camera sitcom, but it ulitmately failed to find viewers and was cancelled after airing all 12 episodes that were ordered.

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    • A smirking, puerile, sloppily done sit-com, mercifully cancelled.

      Those of us who criticized LL for it's gratuitious obscenity and adolescent sexual pre-occupation were commonly dismissed by fans as being right-wing prudes. Or, if we'd comment on the relentlessly lowbrow character of the show, or suggest that the humor was puerile, we were accused of being snotty elitists.

      Well, I'm not, by any means, a prude, most emphatically not right-wing. I haven't any problem with the frank portrayal of sex on-screen, nor the free use of obscenity. And I certainly hope I'm not guilty of elitism. But Lucky Louie was possibly the very worst thing I've ever seen on HBO. Production values were primitive, the laugh-track incredibly irritating (yeah, I know, live studio audience-Jerry Springer's, no doubt- but nobody can convince me that the laughs weren't "sweetened" post-production), and the acting was just terrible. In one episode, the "actress" playing Louie's wife slipped out of character and nearly giggled when Louie bounded out of bed naked at the end of a scene. The kid playing the daughter frequently could be seen looking off-stage, presumably at her coach.

      But the worst thing about the show was it's smirking, adolescent attitude toward sex. "OOH, this is sooo dirty!", I can imagine the writers saying as they giggled like 13 year old boys over their crude, tasteless scripts.

      You know, writing this review just made me feel better about LL. I realize that I've used the past tense throughout, reminding me that this piece of trash show is dead.moreless
    • like the idea, hate the plot

      when i first heard the news about the deal louis ck made with HBO, i thought finally we will have a great comedy since sex and the city. i have seen 3 trailors on line, and been expecting this show to come out since march. maybe my expectations are too high. this show is based on the material of louis ck\'s standup routine, and i saw that on HBO, one night stand, and it was hilarious. but the same material looks pretty bad on this show. if it is produced by others, i would say its ok, but its made by louis ck for gods sake, theres nothing edgy, nothing sparkling, and nothing standing out of other sitcoms except cursing and jimmy norton. after this, i think we should bring back yes, dearmoreless
    • Borrow some characters from Jerry Springer add a little Dr. Phil and sprinkle the whole thing with Rosanne Barr to pretend there is some comedy and you get Lucky Louie.

      If this pilot is supposed to show us what the show will be like, it\'s a waste of time. The attempt at humor and acting was pathetic from the very beginning with the semi-monologue between Louie and his daughter. He responds to his daughter\'s string of \"why\"\'s until she accepts the response \"God is dead and we are alone\" and the live audience seems to laugh almost nervously. It is not funny in a comedic sense, but more in an uncomfortable sense.

      This uncomfortable humor seems to be how all the comedy is framed. Every bit of humor seems tied to some taboo or annoyance . . . not amusing things, but serious things. Usually a comedian can take the issues of the day and make people feel comfortable about laughing at them. This show tries to make the audience laugh by setting up uncomfortable situations that don\'t really resolve in a humorous fashion.

      I can\'t see an audience coming back again and again to awkward situations that don\'t really have any catharsis. The show is essentially attempting to mix Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil sprinkled with some Rosanne Barr to mask it as a situation comedy.

      Even if you think the idea here is funny, the acting was so choppy and stunted that the show felt forced. I highly doubt Louie will be very lucky in the long run.moreless
    • This show lacks charisma. It is Vanilla Seinfeld without the funny. Louis C.K. frankly is horrible as a lead actor. Jim Norton is not an actor, he always has his hands like a crippled child. The only decent part of the show is the child. naughty!moreless

      After watching this horrible attempt at a sitcom, HBO should be ashamed. I will be surprised if the show makes it to season #2, the time slot will get it an initial rating, but soon the quality viewership of \\\\\\\"Entourage\\\\\\\" will tune this borefest out.

      I honestly think HBO has lost its edge. Nothing daring and this show is no exception. The cast is flawed, especially childish humor freak comic Jim Norton (not the football player), he is NOT an actor and shows it 100 percent, standing there with his hands looking like stones.

      Only way to improve the show is to eliminate the \\\\\\\"neighbor\\\\\\\" played by Jim Norton and replace him with a female presence. Sadly HBO has pissed away another couple of million on a soon to be cancelled show.

    • Maybe it will get better.

      After much hype, the thought of bringing back \\\"Filmed Before A Live Audience\\\" comedy promised to be a welcome relief (how many reality shows can you watch?) Unfortunately, this show was too mild to be considered a hit. Although advertised as a comedy program that would redifine the genre, it was hardly funny. Somehow, the ability to use four letter words no longer shocks or ever produces a nervous giggle.

      Maybe future scripts will be tightened up so that the comedy comes through. Although the cast was capable, the lame lines they were given hardly seem worth the effort.moreless

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