Lucky Louie

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 23, 2006 on HBO



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    • Walter: You put your child in a closet? Man, I can't help you.

    • Kim: What is your problem?
      Louie: I'm not the problem, she is. The kid is a f**ing a**shole.
      Kim: Louie, that's awful. Obviously she's going through something.
      Louie: Tell me about it. She used to be cute, now she sucks.
      Kim: Stop saying that!
      Louie: I will if she stops being a f**ing a**hole.

    • Lucy: I play with my toys, and you pick them up-that's my deal.
      Louie: (muttering) Oh my God. (out loud) Who do you think you are?
      Lucy: I'm Lucy.

    • Louie: I'm sure your a**hole's fine. I've never even seen it.
      Kim: Yeah, well you should.
      Louie: Why?
      Kim: Because I'm your wife. You should see my a**hole. You should know everything about me. What if you needed to identify me?
      Louie: You mean--you mean if you have an accident where your teeth are destroyed but your a**hole survives? Alright, fine, I'll take a look. (After looking for a moment) Well, now--
      Kim: Never gonna happen.

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