Lucky Louie

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jun 11, 2006 on HBO

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  • Why....Why...Why...Why...Why...

    the opening bit went on forever, and its been done to death in the kid/adult senario....I didnt really laugh much....I liked the whole look of the show (cheap 50\'s sitcom) .....The race angle with theneighbor was pretty cut & paste.......The Only funny moments were when louie was with his friends at work...
  • the best pilot I ever saw, hope that this series continues for a longtime to come!!

    I really dont understand people who didn\'t like this, are you americans really that stuck up?women are really that devious, and men that stupid! and the blaack thing with the neibours can turn out to be a real good thing if haddled right!
    Is it because there is a **** and a **** in the episode?
    It came very close to real life you guys!
    so give it some time and hopefully this becomes a classic series!
    Whitout a doubt the best pilot in a very long time!
    may it have a long long live on HBO.
    a fan from Belgium
    viva the net and torrents!!
  • A promising start

    The episode didn\'t blow me away, but it\'s also just a pilot, and it\'ll take a bit for the actors and writers to really get a feel for the characters. There are glimmers of brilliance in the episode, like the opening bit, in which Louie explains to his 4 year old daughter that \"God is dead, and we\'re all alone,\" or when Louie explains to his wife that they can\'t have afford another kid by telling her that her [box] \"is a chamber of financial ruin.\"

    It doesn\'t turn the genre on its ears, and much of what it sets out to do was tackled first by Roseanne. That said, it\'s clearly the best new sitcom to come out in years, with great writing and a top-notch cast. It\'s good to see someone trying to bring the classic live-audience sitcom with some ballsy writing and memorable characters. Lucky Louie is showing lots of potential.
  • Typical sitcom, with a few colorful expletives thrown in. Hopefully they didn't use all the good jokes in the first episode. Synopsis: Man, woman, child living in an apartment with black neighbors (who, with good reason, don't particularly like them)

    If you've seen Louis CK's HBO stand up special, you've heard/seen almost every gag here. The cast seems to have a good rapport and the jokes don't SEEM like a stand-up routine. Overall, I was expecting the worst (although I did really like his HBO special) and was fairly surprised. Without throwing any undue praise on them, I must say I was impressed. More than one REAL laugh. I really hope they expand Jim Norton's role on this because (to quote from Me, Myself, and Irene) he's "one funny motherfu**er". Definitely not worth subscribing to HBO for, but all in all a fairly decent show. I'd pay $1.99 to download it from iTunes (but I won't, that's what BitTorrent's for) Enjoy this while it lasts, I don't forsee it being a big hit (then again, I thought American Idol sucked dog a**, so what do I know?)
  • Time will tell

    I just watched this pilot episode, and all I can say is the show needs work. The novelty of the explicit language and sexual innuendo is going to wear thin really fast. All pilots are usually subpar because of the need to introduce the characters, but the masturbation in the closet was funny the first time, but the laughs wore thin. I will never know why characters in sitcoms are so immature and childish. All Louie had to do is talk to his wife about it not being the right time to have another child and they could have had sex with no problems. In the sitcom world, Peg Bundy would have lied and told Al she was on the pill. It was kind of shocking to hear Pamela Adlon say the f word, considering she does the voice of Bobby on King of the Hill.

    I do give credit for the creators to try something new with the sitcom format, but drug and dick jokes and drug humor alone is not going to make a lasting impression. I will watch again, but I am hoping for something more. There is a lot of opportunity here to really change the sitcom forever. Talking to a roast in sexual terms is out there, but not as outrageous as Divine stealing food in Pink Flamingos, and sticking it in a place that rarely sees the sunlight.
  • You see this episode you get glued to the series Just great

    A great show, must be T rated or something, as they say bad words a bunch of times, and the story is about sex, this show is about a family, married couple and 1 daughter, but isnt fit for the whole family to watch.
    Great plot for the pilot, really funny. I recommended it to my friends, and im recommending it here too, you watch this, you will love it, long time since i havent seen a show as funny as this one. Cant wait until more episodes are aired. Lucky louie isnt so lucky after all. Not so good acting tho.
  • This is a funny show!

    This show is great. Louie and his wife can't afford another baby. Louie's wife is a nurse and makes ten times his salary. He has an adorable 4 year old daughter who chatters constantly. You can tell he adores her even as he ignores every word. In this episode he is far more concerned with striking up a friendship with his ever-annoyed next door neighbor, Walter (played by Jerry Minor.) Minor is hilarious. Jim Norton and Laura Kitlinger provide big laughs.

    Even though I'm not particularly fond of the old husband-can't-get-lucky-with-his-own-wife-thing, I laughed out loud during several scenes between Louie and the wife. She may be the weakest link in this fantastic cast. This show has great writers and I'm definitely tuning in for more.
  • This is the first episode.

    Interesting. I guess I will begin at the beginning. The opening sequence will be very familiar to those who have seen Louie C.K.\'s standup act before. It seems a little drawn out, but if you enjoy his humor then the payoff is worth it.

    Overall, I find the entire concept to be very different. This is the first pay-cable (HBO, Showtime, etc.) show that I know of that is in the mold of the traditional sitcom. That in itself led to some unfamiliar territory regarding language. In some ways that was very jarring. Imagine watching Friends or Seinfeld, and all of a sudden one of the characters is saying f**k, s**t, or c**k.

    All in all, I was not too impressed by the show. It does, however, show promise. I will be very interested to know what direction they decide to go in.
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