Lucky Louie

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jun 11, 2006 on HBO

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  • Typical sitcom, with a few colorful expletives thrown in. Hopefully they didn't use all the good jokes in the first episode. Synopsis: Man, woman, child living in an apartment with black neighbors (who, with good reason, don't particularly like them)

    If you've seen Louis CK's HBO stand up special, you've heard/seen almost every gag here. The cast seems to have a good rapport and the jokes don't SEEM like a stand-up routine. Overall, I was expecting the worst (although I did really like his HBO special) and was fairly surprised. Without throwing any undue praise on them, I must say I was impressed. More than one REAL laugh. I really hope they expand Jim Norton's role on this because (to quote from Me, Myself, and Irene) he's "one funny motherfu**er". Definitely not worth subscribing to HBO for, but all in all a fairly decent show. I'd pay $1.99 to download it from iTunes (but I won't, that's what BitTorrent's for) Enjoy this while it lasts, I don't forsee it being a big hit (then again, I thought American Idol sucked dog a**, so what do I know?)