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  • Lucky Louie, which Emmy-winning writer-producer Louis C.K. also wrote, centers on a middle-class couple with a kid. Louis C.K. will play the father.

    Lucky Louie is an adult show that aired on HBO. But I guess they didn't get good ratings because the show was later cancelled. Anyway, I was glad I was able to watch this series. It was funny, crazy and down right good. I believe you can find the series On Demand or rent it. If anyone go looking for this series, then you might want to try the internet if you can't fine it on DVD or whatever. Good luck to those who go looking for this really funy series wherever you decide to look. And to the network, keep the good movies and series coming.
  • Cutting Edge........Reality at it's very best!!!

    This is the first comedy in a loooooooooooooooong time that we count the days till the next episode. It is hilarious, unique, real, and every other adjective that you can think of. The characters are so real that it\'s easy to forget it's only a sitcom. If this show doesn\'t make it, then I give up!!!

    Someone pleeeeeease tell me where I can get the theme song from this show!!!
  • This is a very funny show.

    Louie CK is absolutely brilliant.
    This comedy from HBO is a winner hands down.
    This reflects great humor from life in a not so subtle way and can be over the top but its a great pick up after entourage making up a very entertaining night.
    Thanks HBO.

    PS- Everybody on the show is hilarious, esp. - the little girl.
  • I think this show is going to be awesome...

    Louis CK is really funny and he you know is saying what every man wishes he could say and get away with it. Watching this shows reminds me why i am in no rush to get married. Plus I think the old school set is killer. The naysayers just need to give it a chance, it seems like the type of show that will grow on you.
  • Dialogue, characters and creativity. I hope this is the future of TV.

    We (wife + me) just started watching "Lucky Louie" this weekend - what a refreshing comedy! At first, the rough production values made us wonder if it was some public-access reject, but as the show went on... things only got better.

    While some of the scenarios are off the wall, most of the time we laugh about the Louie's conversations and remember the times we've said or done similar things. Hiding a junk food snack, masturbation, bad mouthing an ill-behaved child... it goes on and on.

    Now, some is very over the top - Louie masturbates a little more than normal, and eating 3 Big Mac's in a sitting isn't very normal. But it's the dialogue around these events that makes the show endearing.

    Worth watching!

    PS I gave it a 9.9 because I got tired of seeing the brother's cock on the screen. C'mon!
  • The show has a good foundation and I think it\'s very funny. Once you get to know these characters I\'m sure this will be a hugely popular show.

    A think the gist of a lot of criticism the show is getting is because the show has the look and feel of something you would see on network TV. But the fact is shows like that can be funny if done right and now the new variable is that it is on HBO where there are basically no restrictions for content.
    If you don\'t have a funny concept just being allowed to curse isn\'t going to make an unfunny show funny. But I think Lucky Louie has the cast and concept to be a hilarious show. I like Louie and his attitude. That Rich character has a lot of potential. More Rich episodes.
  • Depends on where you are in life

    As a stay at home dad I can relate to so many little things in this show ... and I do not think that I am even the target audience .... thanks to HBO language can be used in a natural way (without being obsesive) and the neighbor - race angle feels funny and original too ... I see a lot of potential in that show .. but also the danger of an early demise ... let's see if they can keep it fresh ... but the pilot is definitely worth a watch ...

    The kid actress is actually pretty good, natural, not annoying.
  • funny show infact i think this is better than entourage

    this is 1 funny show will be 1 of hbos top hits maybe 1 episode this season was bad but so far i like the espisodes and this show should be in hbos top 4 shows this is a great show so if you have never seen it watch it
  • Total hilarity, shockingly fun, and breaking the traditional rules of sitcom television. HBO does it again!

    AMAZING. I think this is a bold new step for HBO. Something new and a little experimental for them. Louie CK is great too. I've seen his stand up before and love his One Night Stand DVD. If you haven't checked it out you definitely should. The little girl is hilarious too. I was surprised at some of the stuff they were allowed to get away with saying, since it is like a traditional sitcom... except for the fact that it's on HBO. So Thanks HBO. This clip rocks and I can't wait for the season to begin this weekend. I'll be tuned in come JUNE 11th!
  • What was HBO thinking when they cancelled this show?

    So I just heard that HBO cancelled "Lucky Louie." I guess it's commonplace for society to pan inovative ideas. "Lucky Louie" was the first ever multi-camera, uncensored sitcom that was filmed in front of a live audience. For years I've always believed that this idea was an untapped resource. Why not have an uncensored sitcom on a pay channel? "Lucky Louie" was a very funny show that I thought should have been around for years ago. And when someone FINALLY realizes that that is something that is not on TV, it was spit on. Anyway, there isn't much to say about this short lived sitcom. It wasn't given a chance to succeed, and I hope HBO comes to their senses and puts it back on the air.

    Louie: "Why are you acting this way?"
    Kim: "How am I acting?"
    Louie: "You're acting like a f*cking c*nt!"
  • very good at times, but uneven -- to be expected from a new show

    People seem pretty polarized about this show, which usually means there's something about it that's novel. Whether it's actually good or not is a different story. I think it can be quite good. A couple of episodes have been, frankly, terrible. But for the most part, the show is daring and fresh, and the cast is very likeable. One of the very few shows i've made a point of seeing every Sunday. Louis is like a blue-collar Larry David. Most of the time, you're wondering what stupid thing he's going to do next. This is a good thing. I think he pulls it off for the most part, and his wife in the show is excellent at busting his balls and keeping him honest. Overall, I think it's going to be a big hit (or at least have a cult following), and I'm interested to see how it progresses over the next couple of years.
  • Sex and the City was awful for many reasons. Here's a sitcom with NO CANNED LAUGH TRACK. Wow a show that actually uses a live audience without fake laughs put in after the fact to tell the at home audience what the writers thought was funny.

    I'm a fan of Louie and Jim Norton, I should say that first. That would not keep me from trashing the show if I didnt like it, though. While the show was not the best I have ever seen, but it did make me laugh really hard.

    I see so many people mentioning that crap "Sex And the City", if you enjoyed that show, you wont like this. Period. You cannot find that **** funny and then laugh at real humor like you will find in Lucky Louie. Here's a test, in the opening scene of the pilot episode if you find the daughter's lines to be the unfunny punchline.... turn it off and shoot yourself in front of your family, you are a douche.

    I love the fact that there is no canned laugh track added into this show. Nothing annoys me more while watching other comedies than the fake, added in laughs that are after jokes that just are not funny. For too long we've had to hear the writers stroke their own egos by padding the laughs of jokes that just stink.

    The first episode is like all first episodes, getting to know the characters and getting an idea of how they all interact. There were some laughs, and some jokes that felt awkward.

    I'm looking forward to next week.
  • some people have dreams...Louie has a family

    This show, the very first sitcom on HBO to be filmed in front of a live audience. This show is funny...but it want fit everyone's sense of humor, matter of fact, I could just see the PTC getting there panties in a bunch. but who cares, this show couldn't stop making me laugh.
    Louie is a middle aged man who lives in New York with his wife and 3 year old daughter, who works at a muffler shop. and Louies whole life revolves around trying to not have his wife catch him masturbating and proving to his neibors that his not a racist. I could see this show involving to a Married...with children kinda show. it def. has potential.
  • A great show to watch.

    This show is about a man(Louie) his wife and daughter and his crazy friends. Louie is a mechanic who had to put his wife through nursing school. Now that she is finished she is the one who brings in all the money. They have a daughter named lucy. She is very demanding and most of the time she get what she wants.

    They have these new neighbors who are black. You can tell this is Louie's first black neighbors. He sometime look to his neighbor Walter for advice. He also has a friend named Rich he is perverted and always tries to down louie. His last buddy is Mike. He's like Louie's father figure, and he also looks to him for advice.

    It is a very interesting show to watch.
  • Poor family has to cope with sex, kids, idiot friends, racism, etc, etc, etc...

    This show has the potential to be one of the funniest shows on tv this year. Since it put on by HBO, who we know do not pull any punches, is feeling its way by the pilot. To compare it to Roseanne is an insult. This show can be fresh in ideas and situations that us normal people go through every day. With an expansion into the supporting characters, I believe this show could be close to Seinfeld but in a realistic kind of way. Looking forward to this series.
  • Crass, lewd, crude ... this show could be me!

    I think Louis C.K. is a brilliant standup. He directed a movie called "Pootie Tang" that was off the wall funny.

    "Lucky Louie" is an updated "Honeymooners" after it's been dragged in the gutter for a bit.

    The language is HBO-quality shocking and the nudity is gratuitous. Having said that, it's pretty funny. And the language issue for me masks the fact that there's almost NO production values here.

    Still, I get a kick out of it.
  • A different take for an HBO show!

    HBO dives into the comedy genre realm and may make a splash. The show has yet to premiere on HBO itself, but seeing this stream of the first episode online is a treat. To really appreciate the feeling, yes Louis C.K. and his TV family do have emotion, of Louie and the way his life has shaped up so far you really need to watch more than the first five minutes of the episode. As the story unravels and you meet the different people that make up Louie's life, you better understand where this poor guy is coming from. I'll tune in again to see just where he is going.
  • Show is being unfairly criticized more for what it isn\'t than what it is

    I see critics somehow expecting this to be a replacement for Sex in The City. It isn\'t meant to be that and it isn\'t going to fill that slot.

    This show is funny. It is meant to be a bit over the top with language. If you don\'t like that language, you\'re not in the intended audience. The show has a few really good jokes in the pilot. The \"why\" thing works through the unconventional answers. The comment about Louie\'s wife\'s vagina being some kinda financial pit of despair was probably one of the best lines.

    What the critics obviously aren\'t a fan of is cringe humor. The scene where the black neighbor sees Louie throwing out the black Barbie is a prime case of cringe humor. Jimmy Norton\'s lines would be a great example of somewhat mean-spirited a degree that you\'d likely never see on a network.

    Did the pilot set the world on fire? No. But it is a fine beginning to a new series that shows a lot of promise.
  • Shows a lot of promise!

    Lucky Louie shows promise. I'm usually hesitant to judge or review a sitcom based on only its first episode. I'm not familiar at all with the star but it sounds like there are plenty of people that are. He was amusingly grumpy and showed that he's got a funny angry edge to him. His wife was well cast, and I think with a few episodes behind them they'll start to play off each other better. I could tell the cast was still finding its footing with the lines and tone. My favorite scene was the one in the grocery store with Laura Kightlinger as the wife's friend. Please feature Laura more, she's hilarious.
  • I liked Lucky Louie. It was actually a funny show. I wish it could've continued.

    When I first heard of Lucky Louie before it aired on HBO, I became proud of HBO for finding a new idea for another comedy series. The only comedy series I had watched... I still watch is Curb Your Enthusiasm. After I had watched the first episode, I thought that it was good and not good. Some parts were very funny and some were not funny. Previews for future episodes made me want to tune in next week (which is rare for me; if I don't really like a show, I would forget the next week). As time went on, I had grown to like and maybe love the series. I loved it because it was just so stupid and the adults had the brains of nine-year-olds. If there is anyone who will love this series, it would be someone who likes to share their nasty dreams about going down on a demon to a priest.

    I will be buying the DVD because I actually have that kind of sense of humor and I missed the final two episodes because I had to go to Florida. It is a shame that this series was cancelled.
  • Will get better. 30 min. is not enough time to decide. You must visit and view the videos and jokes sections. Absolutely genius humor.

    Ummm.. Really? You give a show 30 minutes and then decided the entire series is a failure?

    Wow you have less patience than a 5 year old.

    Go watch the PILOT for ANY T.V. series you liked (or like) and you\'ll realize it takes awhile for a show to grow into to itself.

    And poo on you for not getting LOUIS C.K\'s humor {go to --- trust me]

    \"Because God is dead and we are all alone\" said to a little girl.. Now that\'s funny!
  • Hysterical comedy about an American Everyman trying to get by.

    I’ve been a fan of Louie CK since Pootie Tang and his work on Chris Rock and I was not disappointed by this. It’s like a new Archie Bunker about the plight of an American everyman but even funnier and more biting. The brutal honesty about his secret closet fixation is laugh out loud funny and his desperately uncomfortable run-ins with his neighbors are all too real. The ensemble cast is right on it, supporting Louie’s style and great timing in his writing. I’m very excited that television is continuing to take smart comedic chances and I rank this right up there with Little Britain and The Office – truly great stuff.
  • Maybe it will get better.

    After much hype, the thought of bringing back \\\"Filmed Before A Live Audience\\\" comedy promised to be a welcome relief (how many reality shows can you watch?) Unfortunately, this show was too mild to be considered a hit. Although advertised as a comedy program that would redifine the genre, it was hardly funny. Somehow, the ability to use four letter words no longer shocks or ever produces a nervous giggle.

    Maybe future scripts will be tightened up so that the comedy comes through. Although the cast was capable, the lame lines they were given hardly seem worth the effort.
  • After enduring just two episodes, I called it quits!

    When I saw the previews for this new situation comedy on HBO, I thought hmmmm, that's a different approach for HBO to produce a "Honeymooners-esque" show with modern topics and dialogue, I will give it a try. Sadly, I was hooribly disappointed. Not only is the show not funny, the modern dialogue I spoke of is pathetic. It's like they try to force swearing into the show to the point that it doesn't even work and doesn't sound like natural conversation at all. Don't even get me started on the full frontal male nudity in the second episode. It's not that I am even against that type of thing in general, but if it's going to occur I would hope it would at least be a somewhat attractive man, not an overweight, balding version of the cover of Mad Magazine.

    So please, HBO, go back to work on some more epic shows that leave me wanting so much more. Give me some more quality programming like Six Feet Under or Big Love.
  • like the idea, hate the plot

    when i first heard the news about the deal louis ck made with HBO, i thought finally we will have a great comedy since sex and the city. i have seen 3 trailors on line, and been expecting this show to come out since march. maybe my expectations are too high. this show is based on the material of louis ck\'s standup routine, and i saw that on HBO, one night stand, and it was hilarious. but the same material looks pretty bad on this show. if it is produced by others, i would say its ok, but its made by louis ck for gods sake, theres nothing edgy, nothing sparkling, and nothing standing out of other sitcoms except cursing and jimmy norton. after this, i think we should bring back yes, dear
  • Is this a really comedy show? :(

    I just watch the pilot episode and i think that show is the worst comedy show i have ever watched. In my opinion the "cast" is the most important thing in comedy shows. And this show's cast is realy really bad. The most successful actress is the little girl. I hope she will play some really good shows in future.

    And the story of the show is lame. What was that. Why does he masturbating in the closet? Is it funny? Still foolish "black" jokes. Is there someone laughing at that terrible jokes?

    Do not watch it if your time is precious.
  • A smirking, puerile, sloppily done sit-com, mercifully cancelled.

    Those of us who criticized LL for it's gratuitious obscenity and adolescent sexual pre-occupation were commonly dismissed by fans as being right-wing prudes. Or, if we'd comment on the relentlessly lowbrow character of the show, or suggest that the humor was puerile, we were accused of being snotty elitists.

    Well, I'm not, by any means, a prude, most emphatically not right-wing. I haven't any problem with the frank portrayal of sex on-screen, nor the free use of obscenity. And I certainly hope I'm not guilty of elitism. But Lucky Louie was possibly the very worst thing I've ever seen on HBO. Production values were primitive, the laugh-track incredibly irritating (yeah, I know, live studio audience-Jerry Springer's, no doubt- but nobody can convince me that the laughs weren't "sweetened" post-production), and the acting was just terrible. In one episode, the "actress" playing Louie's wife slipped out of character and nearly giggled when Louie bounded out of bed naked at the end of a scene. The kid playing the daughter frequently could be seen looking off-stage, presumably at her coach.

    But the worst thing about the show was it's smirking, adolescent attitude toward sex. "OOH, this is sooo dirty!", I can imagine the writers saying as they giggled like 13 year old boys over their crude, tasteless scripts.
    You know, writing this review just made me feel better about LL. I realize that I've used the past tense throughout, reminding me that this piece of trash show is dead.
  • WOW! that was one of the worst shows I ever watched!

    OHHHHH! Wow that was stupid, wait that was to nice that was actually crap. Yeah! The story was so bad and there wasn\\\'t anything on it that every one else sees on tv each day. If this show even wants to make it for 1/2 a season it better tune up quick. Taking up some crap it is worse than The Loop. Oh, I am sorry for the actors because they actually have to stay in this for work. Tv is ending almost of it\\\'s good shows this season except for desprite housewives. Which is actually funny. Sorry for all u poor souls.
  • Lame.

    The laughs were definately forced in this one. I cannot believe that HBO would even air something like this. Everything was way too cookie-cutter. This reminds me of some mid-reason replacement on FOX or ABC, but with adult language and content. Throwing around a few four-letter words does nothing for the show. Everything: The jokes, the acting the set design, all subpar. I could not help but think to myself how bad this was the whole time I was watching. It was as if I was watching a train-wreck in progress. It was one cringe after another. I hope the the cast and crew knows that they could do so much better.
  • Borrow some characters from Jerry Springer add a little Dr. Phil and sprinkle the whole thing with Rosanne Barr to pretend there is some comedy and you get Lucky Louie.

    If this pilot is supposed to show us what the show will be like, it\'s a waste of time. The attempt at humor and acting was pathetic from the very beginning with the semi-monologue between Louie and his daughter. He responds to his daughter\'s string of \"why\"\'s until she accepts the response \"God is dead and we are alone\" and the live audience seems to laugh almost nervously. It is not funny in a comedic sense, but more in an uncomfortable sense.

    This uncomfortable humor seems to be how all the comedy is framed. Every bit of humor seems tied to some taboo or annoyance . . . not amusing things, but serious things. Usually a comedian can take the issues of the day and make people feel comfortable about laughing at them. This show tries to make the audience laugh by setting up uncomfortable situations that don\'t really resolve in a humorous fashion.

    I can\'t see an audience coming back again and again to awkward situations that don\'t really have any catharsis. The show is essentially attempting to mix Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil sprinkled with some Rosanne Barr to mask it as a situation comedy.

    Even if you think the idea here is funny, the acting was so choppy and stunted that the show felt forced. I highly doubt Louie will be very lucky in the long run.
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