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  • Borrow some characters from Jerry Springer add a little Dr. Phil and sprinkle the whole thing with Rosanne Barr to pretend there is some comedy and you get Lucky Louie.

    If this pilot is supposed to show us what the show will be like, it\'s a waste of time. The attempt at humor and acting was pathetic from the very beginning with the semi-monologue between Louie and his daughter. He responds to his daughter\'s string of \"why\"\'s until she accepts the response \"God is dead and we are alone\" and the live audience seems to laugh almost nervously. It is not funny in a comedic sense, but more in an uncomfortable sense.

    This uncomfortable humor seems to be how all the comedy is framed. Every bit of humor seems tied to some taboo or annoyance . . . not amusing things, but serious things. Usually a comedian can take the issues of the day and make people feel comfortable about laughing at them. This show tries to make the audience laugh by setting up uncomfortable situations that don\'t really resolve in a humorous fashion.

    I can\'t see an audience coming back again and again to awkward situations that don\'t really have any catharsis. The show is essentially attempting to mix Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil sprinkled with some Rosanne Barr to mask it as a situation comedy.

    Even if you think the idea here is funny, the acting was so choppy and stunted that the show felt forced. I highly doubt Louie will be very lucky in the long run.
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