Lucky Louie

HBO (ended 2006)





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  • Show is being unfairly criticized more for what it isn\'t than what it is

    I see critics somehow expecting this to be a replacement for Sex in The City. It isn\'t meant to be that and it isn\'t going to fill that slot.

    This show is funny. It is meant to be a bit over the top with language. If you don\'t like that language, you\'re not in the intended audience. The show has a few really good jokes in the pilot. The \"why\" thing works through the unconventional answers. The comment about Louie\'s wife\'s vagina being some kinda financial pit of despair was probably one of the best lines.

    What the critics obviously aren\'t a fan of is cringe humor. The scene where the black neighbor sees Louie throwing out the black Barbie is a prime case of cringe humor. Jimmy Norton\'s lines would be a great example of somewhat mean-spirited a degree that you\'d likely never see on a network.

    Did the pilot set the world on fire? No. But it is a fine beginning to a new series that shows a lot of promise.