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  • Sex and the City was awful for many reasons. Here's a sitcom with NO CANNED LAUGH TRACK. Wow a show that actually uses a live audience without fake laughs put in after the fact to tell the at home audience what the writers thought was funny.

    I'm a fan of Louie and Jim Norton, I should say that first. That would not keep me from trashing the show if I didnt like it, though. While the show was not the best I have ever seen, but it did make me laugh really hard.

    I see so many people mentioning that crap "Sex And the City", if you enjoyed that show, you wont like this. Period. You cannot find that **** funny and then laugh at real humor like you will find in Lucky Louie. Here's a test, in the opening scene of the pilot episode if you find the daughter's lines to be the unfunny punchline.... turn it off and shoot yourself in front of your family, you are a douche.

    I love the fact that there is no canned laugh track added into this show. Nothing annoys me more while watching other comedies than the fake, added in laughs that are after jokes that just are not funny. For too long we've had to hear the writers stroke their own egos by padding the laughs of jokes that just stink.

    The first episode is like all first episodes, getting to know the characters and getting an idea of how they all interact. There were some laughs, and some jokes that felt awkward.

    I'm looking forward to next week.