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HBO (ended 2006)





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  • A smirking, puerile, sloppily done sit-com, mercifully cancelled.

    Those of us who criticized LL for it's gratuitious obscenity and adolescent sexual pre-occupation were commonly dismissed by fans as being right-wing prudes. Or, if we'd comment on the relentlessly lowbrow character of the show, or suggest that the humor was puerile, we were accused of being snotty elitists.

    Well, I'm not, by any means, a prude, most emphatically not right-wing. I haven't any problem with the frank portrayal of sex on-screen, nor the free use of obscenity. And I certainly hope I'm not guilty of elitism. But Lucky Louie was possibly the very worst thing I've ever seen on HBO. Production values were primitive, the laugh-track incredibly irritating (yeah, I know, live studio audience-Jerry Springer's, no doubt- but nobody can convince me that the laughs weren't "sweetened" post-production), and the acting was just terrible. In one episode, the "actress" playing Louie's wife slipped out of character and nearly giggled when Louie bounded out of bed naked at the end of a scene. The kid playing the daughter frequently could be seen looking off-stage, presumably at her coach.

    But the worst thing about the show was it's smirking, adolescent attitude toward sex. "OOH, this is sooo dirty!", I can imagine the writers saying as they giggled like 13 year old boys over their crude, tasteless scripts.
    You know, writing this review just made me feel better about LL. I realize that I've used the past tense throughout, reminding me that this piece of trash show is dead.