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HBO (ended 2006)





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  • I liked Lucky Louie. It was actually a funny show. I wish it could've continued.

    When I first heard of Lucky Louie before it aired on HBO, I became proud of HBO for finding a new idea for another comedy series. The only comedy series I had watched... I still watch is Curb Your Enthusiasm. After I had watched the first episode, I thought that it was good and not good. Some parts were very funny and some were not funny. Previews for future episodes made me want to tune in next week (which is rare for me; if I don't really like a show, I would forget the next week). As time went on, I had grown to like and maybe love the series. I loved it because it was just so stupid and the adults had the brains of nine-year-olds. If there is anyone who will love this series, it would be someone who likes to share their nasty dreams about going down on a demon to a priest.

    I will be buying the DVD because I actually have that kind of sense of humor and I missed the final two episodes because I had to go to Florida. It is a shame that this series was cancelled.