Lucky Star

Season 1 Episode 3

Different Kinds of People

Aired Unknown Apr 22, 2007 on Chiba TV
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Different Kinds of People
It is summertime for the girls; that means one thing: comfortable summer uniforms! Tsukasa and Kagami are fraternal twins, but Konata shows them the similar and different characteristics they share. Konata, Kagami, and Tsukasa each try to put their hair into a ponytail, just to see who looks best. Unfortunately, Kagami is the only one who cannot pull it off.moreless

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  • Wow, Konata-chan never ceases to amaze me! XD

    Wow, Konata-chan never ceases to amaze me! XD OK, so it's summer time and the girls have to change out of their winter uniforms and into their summer uniforms. Only Tsukasa forgets, but that mistake is quickly corrected. :P They go off to school, and Konata gets hot on the subway so she lifts up her skirt to fan her butt!!! XD OMG, it was freaking hysterical!!! Then the girls go off to school, and hold up! I just realized something! All four girls are rarely all together at the same time. Wow, that is weird! Anyway Konata, Miyuki, and Tsukasa discuss June brides and stuff. Then Konata and Kagami go to the latter's house and play video games, and Kagami loses. Badly. Even at the quiz game. Oh, and then it is brought up that Kagami and Tsukasa's birthday is on the Star Festival, and it is coming up. The twins are gonna be 17. Gee, everyone looks and acts the same age as me! I'm gonna go, I ned to ponder this...moreless
  • In this episode we find out that Kagami and Tsukasa are twins.

    In the beginning of the episode we find out it's now summertime and its time to switch uniforms. Then Kagami says that at least one person will forget to change uniforms, and coming in the door, is Tsukasa with the winter uniform. There is a moment of silence, then she leaves to go change. Later, they meet up with Konata and talk about them being twins. Then they go on a bus to school and they talk about the meaning of marrying someone in June. Then they talk about dresses and miniskirts. Thenn.. they talk about how Konata got into the school. I wouldn't want to spoil the end so i'll stop there. hehe.moreless


High School Girl, Lolita Teacher

Guest Star

Hiromi Konno

Hiromi Konno

Akira Kogami

Recurring Role

Minoru Shiraishi

Minoru Shiraishi

Minoru Shiraishi

Recurring Role

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    • Ending Song
      Sung by Konata is "Sore ga, Ai deshou (Could This Be Love?)" from Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, which was also done by Kyoto Animation.


    • Case Closed

      When Konata and Kagami are talking about detectives, Konata wonders how Conan always comes across a murder. She is refering to Jimmy Kudo, who was shrunk into a 7-year-old and went by the alias Conan Edogawa, Jr. Detective from the anime and manga, Case Closed.

    • Cromartie High School
      When Konata was talking about how idiots and geniuses are often seen going to the same school in anime, there was a short clip afterwards where characters resembling "Takashi Kamiyama" and "Shinjiro Hayashida" from Cromartie High School were talking with each other. Konata is also seen reading a volume of the Cromartie High School manga prior to her statement.

    • Pani Poni Dash
      When they talk about anime series with the school teacher being the same age as the students, they are referring to Pani Poni Dash, also they parody a scene right after.

    • ManaKana
      The twins "ManaKana", referred to by Kona-chan, are Mikura Mana and Mikura Kana, who also performed theme songs for the anime Chibi Maruko-chan.

    • During the closing credits, the girls select the opening theme song for Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!, a series which both directors Yutaka Yamamoto and Yasuhiro Takemoto were involved in.