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  • Lucky suck.

    This show is like taking the bad parts of Family Guy, Pokemon, and Sienfield and throwing Nippon in. This show sucks. Nuff said. Back to Bakugan. Urm... guess i need more words. Let's review. 1. Terrible character designs for the main characters. They are pallete swaps of each other. Height varition any body? Next, this sow lacks any good ieas of its own. 89.9% of jokes come from bashing other shows. Picture any mericain show that way. that's family guy minus s** jokes. I refuse to say anything more. YoU sUCK! burninating the contry side, burninating the pesents, burninating Lucky Star..... Tenacon!!!!!!!
  • Kawaii!

    I just started watching this anime via YouTube and found it absolutely adorable! I love how all the characters actually talk on the show as if one were watching young girls chatter in real life. My fave character (so far) has to be Konata...she never runs out of funny things to say. I.E., my favorite quote:

    If I join a team...I'd miss out on my prime time anime.

    LOL! I also love Miyuki-chan because I can relate to her - she is the smartest of the bunch and isn't respected much because of it. Totally same here!

    If an English dub of this was made, I so have to find it...and I'm really hoping that 4kids didn't do it, cuz this show is too awesome to be ruined by them.

    I'm turning into a fangirl for this...I'm already trying to learn the dance to "Mottoke! Sailor Fuku" for an upcoming talent show at my school. Love ya Lucky Star!
  • It's an alright show but it's nothing special.

    Lucky Star follows the everyday life of four high school girls. One is obsessed with anime and video games, the other is super smart and "moe" like, and the twins have complete opposite personalities, one that enjoys everything except school and the other that's a study-hard type of person. And that's where the laughs end.

    Unfortunately, what could have been a great show was ruined by references to other anime. And it doesn't just happen once or twice in each episode - it happens so much that it's become part of the regular plot. I don't live in Japan and even though I've been an anime fan for quite some time, I don't know a lot about about it. For me at least, I had to search the internet about five minutes into every episode just to figure out what they were talking about. And, when I did, I didn't even find it funny. Most of the jokes are really hard to get and I've only laughed aloud a few times in the entire series.

    So where does the 7.5 score come from? To be completely honest, I fell in love with most of the character personalities. Even though most seemed stereotypical, I could relate easily to most of them and I understood their problems. And, when the show made me laugh, I really laughed. Some things are absolutely hilarious! If only they could have cut back on the references.

    So, if you know a lot about anime you may enjoy Lucky Star. If not, than I recommend a show like Azumanga - something with a similar plot but without all the allusions. I give Lucky Star a 7.5.
  • well, I can see why people enjoy it, but perhaps it's a little too overrated.

    Well, I was bored one day, and decided to check this out. I didn't care for it, however. I heard about all the love this show gets, and expected to enjoy it, but it was less than perfect. The show is rather boring, as it simply follows a group of girls going through everyday life. Perhaps this is part of the charm for some, but I really disliked it. The humor style is funny at some points, but generally is rather boring, at least for me. The show has no plot to speak of which adds to the boredom. Some may enjoy it, but the flaws this show has certainly make it imperfect.
  • A show about the life of high school girls...

    Lucky Star is a show that has no real plot. It mainly follows the life of high school girls living in Japan doing usual every day things. Even though it doesn't sound that interesting to most people, Lucky Star is a very funny show. The characters are very memorable and there are countless references to other anime. Because it doesn't have much of a plot, a lot of people don't like Lucky Star. Even so, in my opinion, it is worth to watch a few episodes before making a final judgment on it. Overall, the show Lucky Star is a decent anime.
  • Simply the best!

    In the words of that 80's guy, "Simply the best! *dun, dun, dun* Better than all the rest! *dun, dun, dun*" OK, so there's 4 girls who ramble about things. They are: Konata, Kagami *FAV*, Tsukasa, and Miyaki. Kagami and Tsukasa are twins. Konata is the leader, and she's totally... Lazy! Just like me and Bry-chan! ^_^ Oops, I forgot I'm supposed to call her Hoodsey for the rest of our lives... Long story. Anyway, then there's Miyuki, who is the smart one, and very clumsy. Like me! And according to Konata: "Clumsy is sexy!" That sounds like something I or Bry-chan, I mean Hoodsey, would say. I'm like a combo of all four thrown in together. But anyway, I really like this show, even though it's kinda pointless and doesn't make much sense.
  • Become The Lucky One!

    From the creators of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya have made one of the most funniest anime that ever lived. It's called Lucky Star and it's based off a manga by the same name released back in 2004. Now three years later we see a all new start to the Lucky Star francise and this time we see new characters, new plotlines, and everything. It's like a sucessor to The Melandcholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, but better.


    +Cute Artwork
    +Catchy Music
    +Great Parodies
    +Great Storyline
    +Great Jokes
    +Cute Character Designs
    +Great Voice Acting Cons:

    -Sometimes gets talktive for it's own good!

    Lucky Star is a great anime to buy on DVD. Someday more volumes will come out and maybe if they release all of them then you can buy the boxset only for fifthty dollars. Also if your a really bug Lucky Star fan then consider yourself to buy a Lucky Star Volume One Special Edition. Consider yourself lucky.
  • It's about four freinds and there every day life.

    Lucky star is origninall, no doubt there. There is tons and tons of anime referenses. There is no real story line in the show, but the loveble characters is enough to make you laugh.
    There is the twins whom is entirally different, one studys hard and is serious, and the other one is a goof. There is the looker/Brainer, whom i dislike the most of the characters, and there is the manga/mmorph/prongame freak. The good thing with this show is that you can deffine you're self with one of the characters, im more like Konata.

    The ups on this show is: The characters, The musik, the referenses. And ofcourse Lucky channel!

    The downs are: Sometimes the animation is a bid crude, there is no real story line to it.

    all in al i would recommend this to people with twisted humor, like family guy fans, althoe i would warn people whom like simpsons.
  • One of the best shows ever made. Anyone that likes anime and comedy needs to watch this.

    Lucky Star is one of my favorite anime. The main characters are Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara. Konata plays video games, reads manga, and is irregular, quite like myself. Her dad is a perverted lolicon, and her mother, Kanata, died when she was an infant. Kagami and Tsukasa are the youngest of four sisters; they both have purple hair. Tsukasa is usually innocent (and somewhat lazy, like Konata), while Kagami is hard-working and loses her temper easily. Miyuki is the least shown of the main characters, simply because she lives in a different part of Japan.

    So what's going to keep you interested? This is one of the few good comedy shows in existence. It follows a simple story, and adds humor where needed. Konata's teacher actually plays with Konata in an online game, so even during the Summer, she's stuck with her teacher. It's a realistic type of humor, you have to watch it t get the jokes. It's unlike things such as Family Guy, that just make jokes of internet fads, or repeat the same word for five minutes. Lucky Star actually makes jokes about reality, different people's views and stuff like how over dramatic anime characters are sometimes (the anime store clerk). It also makes jokes about real life things such as Konata saying "I can name all of the Pokemon!" (which is an insane task that I thought that only I could do). Konata also tells her dad once that whether he's a lolicon or not, he still fails at life.

    Finally, I'd like to point out one of my favorite episodes. Episode twenty-two was unlike any other episode. It still had great humor, but at the end, Konata's mom goes back to her house as a spirit, although, nobody can see her. While she's there, Konata asks her dad why Kanata would pick a perverted freak like him. After a while of thought from Konata's dad (and Konata's mom was thinking about it, too), he responds "Because I loved her the most out of the whole, entire world!" There is a huge romantic flashback of Kanata's past (and I'm never a fan of romance), and Kanata realizes that nothing can be better than that. This was the only time that I've cried while watching TV. This just proves that never crying doesn't make you cool, it just makes you look pathetic for never showing emotion.

    Overall, the humor was great, the characters were well developed and a perfect amount of realism. Go watch this anime, now. It might start slow, but it gets better.
  • An Otaku-based comdey, with references you feel guilty for understanding.

    A brilliant anime for ANYONE. Even if you aren't a slice-of-life fan, this series should appeal to you, with all its references to notable anime, manga & video games, most popularly being the hit series 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya'. Even if she's not your favourite, you just have to LOVE the main character, Konata Izumi, the #1 Example of a perfect Otaku! And her voice, provided by the oh-so very awesome Aya Hirano, just suits so well, thus making her likable beyond relief. She is definitely one of my favourite anime characters, which just makes me love Lucky ☆ Star all the more.

    One of my greatest wishes is for the Lucky ☆ Star manga to be published in English, so I can buy it, and of course, read it. Though, the manga is probably quite different than the anime, as it probably isn't glutted with Haruhi references, I still really want it. The dub also proves quite good. I love Konata's voice in that, too. And Kuroi's voice is great, too! Akira came out well, and I can't wait to see episode 16 in English! Wonder if they'll use the dubbed version of 'God Knows' for the 'Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou' scene?

    Simply put;
    Great anime. I recommend it to all.
  • A hilarious, no plot, random series

    This series features 4 girls, The anime loving, video game playing, manga reader Konata, the well mannered, super klutz Miyuki, the smart, shy, and a bit egoistical Kagami, and the good nature, unreliable Tskasa. Follow these girls through daily life with random conversatons, going to festivals, vacations, and going to school. With a teacher that plays the same online game as Konata and more wacky charaters to join in, how much more randomness will there be? A section featuring the Lucky Channel with a bizzare little girl and her assitant will show after each episode. With a catchy opening and an ending featuring the girls doing karaoke, this show will leave you wanting more.
  • i can definately relate to this being an anime otaku because one of the characters is a steryotipical otaku, konacha 17 yrs old blue hair etc

    lucky star gets funna at points where it seems they are not trying to be funny it is a strange setup also with many pointless conversations about food once is ok but do it a third time and you know that they are running out of material!! They need a fresh new perspective on this show instead of having boring things when they started to go into the summer it looked like lucky star was taking a turn for the better having the charicters do something besides going to school hanging out at a random store and then calling each other up
  • Lucky Star is an awesome anime, especially for otaki like me.

    Lucky Star is a comedy anime about the daily lives of four high school friends, particularly Konata Izumi, a girl who is obsessed with anime, manga, and video games (aka an otaku).

    For the first few episodes, Lucky Star was only mildly interesting, and at some points, boring. However, it improved just as I was about to give up on it, and I'm very glad I didn't.

    Lucky Star is the kind of show in which while your watching it, you go like, "Hey, that happens to me too!" I was glad to see I wasn't the only person who had trouble screwing on and removing lid caps or made faces when I drew anime characters or talked to my pets in baby talk or stayed up all night playing video games instead of studying. The list goes on and on. This is also one of the few shows that can make me laugh out loud, which is an impressive accomplishment. I enjoyed Lucky Star so much, I nearly cried when it ended. I can totally see why this anime was such a big hit in Japan. Lucky Star is not a show I'd recommend to everyone. Most adults and boys would probably find this boring, since they can't relate to the characters so much, but still give it a try, as I have met exceptions. Also, if you are not an anime fan, you might not understand a few of the jokes. Lucky Star is one of my favorite shows of all time. Every anime-loving girl in middle school through high school absolutely should watch this show!
  • Nice.

    Well. What can I say? Lucky Star is about 4 high school girls, soon to be going to college, and their normal activities. Konata is an extreme otaku who offers the occasional insight (Mostly making fun of Kagami behind her back...) is the closest person the show has to a main character. The early death of her mother left her living alone with her father which really had an impact on her (She Plays video games constantly and ironicaly enough, plays many Ao rated games intended for male audiences despite the fact that she's 17 at the beggining of the story, and also has a personality very much like her father.). Kagami is a very normal girl who is a sister of Tsukasa. She is the slightly elder of the two, and very much more responsible. Tsukasa is the younger of the two, though not by much, is the innocent one of the group. She constantly asks Kagami for help with her homework, as she usualy can't figure out most of it. Miyuki, (The smartest of the group) is rich, kind, glasses wearing girl who wants to be a doctor. The ending sequence usualy includes a segment of the show called "Lucky Channel" which usualy recaps the show. All in all, it's a very relaxing anime. I'd reccomend this to almost anybody.
  • Not Another Teen Anime

    Lucky Star chronicles the lives of four likeable high school girls, who seem to be lucky and content to be just who they are. The main girl, Konata, is your typical slacker girl character who enjoys having fun and never studies, much to the chagrin of her friends who think even if she barely uses a fraction of that brain towards academics, she would be a scholarly genius. That concept isn't new, but with Konata being such an online gamer and anime junkie, it makes me want to scream GET A LIFE but at the same time, strongly identify with her and the life that rings frighteningly true for many viewers.

    Then you have the one smart brainy girl, Miyuki, with the long hair and the glasses that the other girls consider lucky because she can be clumsy or clueless and still appear attractive. Tsukasa and Kagami round out the quartet as two sisters who are twins but have different personalities so that plays into many of the jokes running through the series. Kagami is a bit like Yomi from Azumanga Daioh, trying to be serious at all, while Tsukasa is more fun going. They seem to resemble apprentice personalities of Miyuki and Konata.

    As for costars, the teacher looks a bit like Ed from FMA with the blond hair. She's not as insane as Ms. Yukari but is cut from the same breed of single young women teachers, so who doesn't enjoy wacky teachers? She is also an online gamer like Konata. There is also Konata's cousin Yui who initially becomes a running joke for singleness even though she is married. Konata's dad plays the Shigure (Fruits Basket) figure but only goes as far as admiring that there are girls other than his daughter in his house. The other parents do not take any spotlight from the girls, and usually just remind the girls to do their homework and chores. He and Minoru are the only major guys in the show.

    The format of the show is very similar to Azumanga Daioh, where the girls spend extensive time talking about all sorts of loosely-related topics. From the first episode, the girls discuss how they eat different kinds of food, and another time Miyuki will explain something like how your hair gets bleached when you are in the ocean. The discussions are usually concluded with a four-panel punch line that either enforces the character's main traits, a thinly disguised jab, or a "there you go talking about another anime again". The extensive discussions can range from somewhat amusing to just rambling. If you are looking for a primarily action comedy or drama, this would not be it.

    Following the regular part of the show is a special Lucky Channel feature hosted by another girl named Akira and her sidekick guy Minoru who goes by his voice actor's name. She starts the segments cheerful and charming at first, but quickly gets diverted into topics that bring out her grumpy meta-anime has-been actor ways. She and Konata are the two characters that bring some serious originality to the series. And the escalation of their conflicts are entertaining.

    Midway through and 2/3 of the way through the series, some more characters are introduced. They're average, but it would have been nice if they developed or changed up the main characters some more; I mean how much do we really know about Miyuki beyond her usual cute brainy girl image, her fear of the dentist, and her body?

    I'm officially calling this the sister show to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. You should definitely watch at least the first volume or two of that series around the same time to pick up on the references. It helps that Aya Hirano voices Konata and Haruhi, so she can make in-jokes about herself.

    Full Metal Panic Fumoffu also gets some spots, and plenty of random shows whose names must not be said and are therefore partially bleeped. That is fun for otaku but for someone who hasn't kept up with the hundreds of recent anime, it can be a challenge. Some of the material presented was getting stale, so I can see why they changed directors after 4 episodes.

    The drawing is not anything special, with the girls having those anime girl eyes and cat like smiles. The action tends to favor at observing and poking fun of anime cliché mannerisms. The tear drops, anger marks, and gloomy clouds are still there. The music is average and cute although they do lighten it up by playing different closing songs from well-known anime at the end of each episode, and the live-action guy dancing and singing along is just as entertaining.

    Overall, the series is generally family friendly, nothing terribly offensive, and anything that could be is given plenty of warning and shocked expressions. If Azumanga Daioh was known as the Peanuts of Anime, this series could be Seinfeld or maybe Joey, but without any of the romance and dating. I actually recommended this to the MMORPG players that I know, and anime junkies. It has the potential to be really nuts, but it'll take some time to grow that reputation, source more original material rather than Haruhi, and would need to do that before the girls graduate since they're already transitioning into their third year.
  • So...freaking...POINTLESS!!

    But yet, it manages to catch my attention! It really is a pointless show, by the way. It's about these girls who go to high school, and.....that's it. They just go to high school and have certain everyday adventures. It may get pointless at the beginning; the first few episodes, as I've been told, but when you watch the rest of them, you'll understand the plot of the story. And for a pretty pointless show, they surely have a hyper opening theme. Also, a lot of themes from other famous animes are used for the ending themes of each episode. I have never heard of any other show doing that, but this is probably the first one! Also, it's pretty hard to believe that Izumi is 18 (right?), she looks so small! I thought she was 14 or something at first, but 18?? Anyways, this show, if you're in for pointless comedies, or just a basic school anime, then this oughta be a good watch!
  • What do you get when the tags list it as both 'a top quality anime' and a 'boring' and 'cr**y show'?

    Lucky star is in one word: confusing. There's no proper way to start a review like this, so I'll just dive in.

    Lucky star is one of those shows that seems like it 'rewards you for paying attention. But if you're not a die-hard anime fan, and are looking for some barely funny jokes, it's more of a 'doesn't reward you but still forces you to pay attention' show. It's this single thing that makes the entire anime at times boring, literally like watching unfunny 4-panel comics over and over and over.

    Lucky star doesn't have a fixed plot either. You won't find any ongoing sagas in this anime. It's just 4 girls wandering around in their slice-of-life program (I have to admit, I'm not a fan of these shows) aimlessly.

    Because there isn't any real plot, and the background hardly changes, the soul of this anime is placed in the hands of the characters. The characters themselves are mostly stereotypical, and they remain like this through the whole series.

    There's Konata, the athletic girl who's more interested in vieo-games, manga and anime then virtually anything else in the world (maybe apart from food). Kagami is the high-tempered, hot-headed one who is often seen trying to bit Konata's head off. There's Tsukasa, the cute and kind mentally younger of the group, and there's Miyuki, a smart but sometimes cluless, glasses-wearing girl.

    The characters, although highly stereotypical, interact well with each other. Since almost the entire show revolves around the characters, it soon becomes stale, as there is almost no character-development in the show, even though it is portrayed as taking place over 3 years. Eventually, you come to wonder why Miyuki doesn't explode or break the shell at Konata every time she makes a sexual joke at her, or why Tsukasa remains quiet at the scenes of such oddness. Further evidence of bad character development is seen when we realise Kagami and Tsukasa are twins, after around 4 episodes, or when we only learn that they have older sisters half-way through the show.

    The animation can be described as 'being good when it wants to be'. The main characters are drawn in a good anime style, although I have to say that they do look like 6-10 year olds when they are portrayed as teenagers (the fact that Miyuki looks like she's 7 yet has breasts is sometimes a bit disturbing). Other characters on the show are also an oddity. For the first few episodes, Lucky Star feels like it's a 'Fixed number of characters' show, yet it will drag in background characters when it needs them. Background characters are either in their full animated form, or in a blue, keyhole, typical anime-style fashion.

    Although there is a ton of characters in the intro, they don't actually get fully involved in the show until 2/3 of the way into the series, which is a pitty because a few of them are generally more interesting than some of the main cast.

    The first 5 episodes of Lucky Star are without a doubt the worst, it gets better and a bit more interesting after that, although there's a bit of an anti-climactic feel to the end of the series, as there isn't really anything to tell you that the show's ended, just as there isn't anything to tell you that it's begun.

    I'm sure you're wondering why I've given this a 6.9 out of 10 when I've mentioned mostly negative. Well, a large part of that owes to the final 'section' of the show, entitled 'Lucky Channel'. Lucky channel is basically most of what Lucky Star isn't, despite being 5 times shorter.

    Although, like lucky star, it is more often uninteresting than it is funny, sometimes you will find a real gem of comedy that's lol (laugh out loud) worthy (eg, Lucky Channel 7 + 21). Lucky channel introduces Akira, the cute on the outside, monster on the inside type, and finally male power in the form of Minoru Shiraishi, an excellent character, unintended comedy genius and without a doubt my favourite character (although he truly becomes worthy of the title 'best anime character ever' in Lucky Channel 21. Watch, and you'll see). Opposite of Lucky star, the characters often break their shells, purely for the purpose of comedy or ripping each other's heads off. There isn't really much else to say, apart from it's the best part of the show, and they should seriously consider making Minoru Shiraishi a permanent character in the show. That'd make it a lot more interesting.

    Despite a lot of the above being negative, there are still moments in the anime where it breaks the bond and it becomes a good show. For instance, Ep 21 shows off a very different side to Kagami, Lucky Channel 21 deserves an award, and Ep 22 does what very few animes can and actually delivers a somewhat touching scene. To avoid spoilers, you'll have to watch it yourself.

    Overall, Lucky Star is a very different and quite rare show, seeing as it is such a mixed bag of good and bad points. If you are mad about anime and all things Otaku, you'll probably love Lucky Star. If you're not, it may start off on a bad point, but Lucky Star ultimately rakes in viewers because it is different, mostly original and at times offers comedy and generally interesting scenes.
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