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Chiba TV (ended 2007)


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  • It's an alright show but it's nothing special.

    Lucky Star follows the everyday life of four high school girls. One is obsessed with anime and video games, the other is super smart and "moe" like, and the twins have complete opposite personalities, one that enjoys everything except school and the other that's a study-hard type of person. And that's where the laughs end.

    Unfortunately, what could have been a great show was ruined by references to other anime. And it doesn't just happen once or twice in each episode - it happens so much that it's become part of the regular plot. I don't live in Japan and even though I've been an anime fan for quite some time, I don't know a lot about about it. For me at least, I had to search the internet about five minutes into every episode just to figure out what they were talking about. And, when I did, I didn't even find it funny. Most of the jokes are really hard to get and I've only laughed aloud a few times in the entire series.

    So where does the 7.5 score come from? To be completely honest, I fell in love with most of the character personalities. Even though most seemed stereotypical, I could relate easily to most of them and I understood their problems. And, when the show made me laugh, I really laughed. Some things are absolutely hilarious! If only they could have cut back on the references.

    So, if you know a lot about anime you may enjoy Lucky Star. If not, than I recommend a show like Azumanga - something with a similar plot but without all the allusions. I give Lucky Star a 7.5.
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