Season 1 Episode 2

Calling Dr. Con

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 2003 on FX

Episode Recap

In order to settle his debt with Joey Leggs, Lucky is forced to continue to gamble. Lucky's efforts are complicated when he meets a doctor, Amy, and her "son" who are down on their luck, and out of the goodness of his heart Lucky gives her the money that he needs. He then comes to realize that the woman played him when he sees her again in the casino with a wig on and finds out that her son is actually her nephew and she isn't willing to just give Lucky back his money.

Vinny and Mutha pose as doctors and meet two other doctors. They set up a golf date and go golfing and gamble. They then owe the other two $5,500 but after Vinny fakes a heart attack they soon realize they are not real doctors.