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  • what the ***k happened?

    Why did they cancel this show it is beyond me!!!!
    It was funny and fresh! What was the problem?
    I don’t get it!
    There are some shows that are utterly, entirely, from stem to stern GARBAGE and they stay on for seasons and seasons and seasons on end! And when something new and edgy comes along they have to kill it! WHY? What did they want more? ? ? ? HELLO!
    They need Jail time for killing this show! It wasn’t the best show EVER! But is "Living with Fran" a show more worthy than Lucky?
    I mean why is a show like Living with Fran still ON a second season and Lucky didn’t make it through the half of the first?

  • Lucky? Sadly, not so much.

    I thought this show was fairly enjoyable. Lucky was really the first show in recent memory to walk the line between half-hour sitcom and hourlong drama. The characters and situations were unique, probably due to the fact that it took place in Las Vegas. You wouldn't expect to find humor in a show about a recovering (and constantly relapsing) gambling addict, but somehow John Corbett nade it work.

    Lucky was probably the first time I had intentionally tuned into FX since its inception, when all they showed was Vegas and Mission: Impossible reruns. I would've liked to have seen it go onto a second season. Unfortunately, FX is very similar to its parent network, Fox: they find a workhorse, and they become so focused on it, that they cancel anything else that may show any potential.