Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil

Season 1 Episode 1

He's Not the Messiah, He's a DJ

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 2005 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Lucy is now 21 and living in San Francisco and her father has tapped her to fulfill her destiny of being the Anti-Christ, whether she likes it or not.

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    Todd Barry

    Todd Barry


    Melissa Bardin Galsky

    Melissa Bardin Galsky

    Becky, the Devil's Advocate

    H. Jon Benjamin

    H. Jon Benjamin

    Satan / Special Father #1

    Jon Glaser

    Jon Glaser

    DJ Jesus

    Sam Seder

    Sam Seder

    Special Father #2

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Student 1: Look at the rack on Lucy. (He gets attacked by a dog.)
        Student 1: Ah my face!
        Student 2: I didn't know we could bring dogs to school.

      • Satan: Look, I paid for your stupid art school, didn't I? And I got you a dog. A hypoallergenic dog, mind you. Cause you're allergic.
        Lucy: Excuse me, did you just say stupid art school? Dad?
        Satan: No.
        Lucy: Yes you did!
        Stan: Art is not stupid, Lucy. I gotta go.

      • Senator Whitehead: You're playing it pretty cool with me. Very, "get out of my face". Very "I'm not fresh with your power and money".
        Lucy: You are an enormous douchebag!

      • Satan: I'm an acronym guy.
        Becky: Yeah, no I know. And sometimes you're thinking it's gonna make the converstion shorter, but really it makes it longer cause you have to tell me what it means.
        Satan: But it's funner to say letters.
        Becky: Yes, it is fun for you.
        Satan: Do one.
        Becky Okay... how's it going with the A C?
        Satan: The air conditioning?
        Becky: See, this is what I mean.
        Satan What's the A C?
        Becky ANTI-CHRIST.

    • NOTES (4)

      • "He's Not the Messiah, He's a DJ" theme lyrics:

        I wouldn't if I were you.
        I know what you can do.
        Shes deadly man and she could really rip your world apart Mind over matter.
        The beauty is there but the beast is in her heart.
        Oh here she comes Watch out boy she'll chew you up.
        Oooh here she comes.
        She's a man eater Man eater!

      • Jessi Klein stars as Lucy in this episode. However, in every episode after this has Melissa Bardin Galsky as Lucy.

      • This episode has 3 fathers, while the following episodes have 2 fathers and a sister.

      • The theme song for the pilot is a cover of "Hall & Oates' Maneater".

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Ethan imagines Lucy's dog telling him to kill himself so he jumps out the window and catches on fire, which is an obvious hint to The Omen.

      • Flight 666 Rome to New York
        The flight taken was Flight 666. 666 are the devils numbers. It is thought that the devil will rise and the world will end on 666. Such as the events of June 6, 2006. Plus many other days representing 666. 666 was chosen as the flight number, because after all Lucy is the daughter of the Devil, Satan.

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