Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil

Adult Swim (ended 2007)


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  • Another reason why Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network is going downhill fast.

    While not as bad a Moral Orel, this is yet another series that exists primarily to take shots at Christians. When are they going to switch over to Muslims or Buddhists? I dont find it unbearable offensive (except maybe the Jesus sex toy episode), just boring and dull. Jesus Christ is portrayed as a disc jockey doing things with the daughter of Satan involved somehow. I cant get past the first 5 minutes before I fast forward to the next segment.

    I really miss the days when Adults Swim had good shows from start to finish - Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show,Pefect Hair Forever, 12 OZ Mouse.... At least Robot Chicken is still a winner.
  • This show is about a girl named Lucy who is the daughter of the devil.

    This show is too scary for my tastes. I have no idea why Adult Swim would allow this. The CGI animation is terrible and Jesus does not do rap this is from the co-creator of Home Movies at least the creator of Home Movies other project was at least decent unlike this I only saw one episode and it's too scary and doesn't try to be funny. Please adult swim get rid of this, Tim and Eric,Saul and Xaveir renegade oh and also (You flame at me for this):Aqua Teen Hunger Force and bring back Case Closed thank you adult swim I would appreicate it if you did this.
  • Brilliant. Absolutely. From parts of the minds that brought you Home Movies comes Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.

    I must admit I am biased as Jon Benjamin is maybe the funniest man living. But looking at just the facts, the show is not like anything else. It has the typical Adult Swim craziness, true. Still, it manages to not feel like anything else on the air. It also has a large set of testes to take on a topic some people refuse to see any humopr in. Here, Jesus is a DJ with showmanship to spare. He makes a party. Satan has taken over a chain of mid-level restaurants where his daughter, Lucy (the title character and the antichrist) is a bartender (and is friends with DJ Jesus which does not make daddy very happy, at first anyway). There are also two preists (one of which is more than a little interested in Ms. Lucy in the biblical sense) and a blood thristy nun who believes that anything is acceptable as long as the antichrist is destroyed. The three of them are gathering the mystic items that will be able to find and kill the antichrist (they don't know it's Lucy.)
    The shows just started so it could be south from here but with the talent both behind the scenes and the microphones I seriously doubt it.
    If you are easily offended or have an extreme lack of a true sense of humor I'd stay far far away but with the title being what it is I doubt you'll be watching anyway.
    But if you like the funny you'll find it here!
  • **This is Awesome--The Antichrist walks the Earth in the unlikely form of a teenage girl who doesn't have any real interest in "evil" per say. And no one seems to take much notice of her horns.

    Lucy is an original take on the whole second-coming of christ. This is awesome!!

    Despite Crude animation and plot lines that might be missed the first time through, this program gets an A+ for attitude alone. In a world of weeble wobble characters, The Antichrist walks the Earth in the unlikely form of a teenage girl who doesn't have any real interest in "evil" per say. And no one seems to take much notice of her horns. Her father, (Satan obviously,) also walks the Earth in true demon form with big red horns and a bluetooth headset for his cell phone. He also handles alot of his evil over the internet, IMing a seemingly endless steam of satanic minions and googling info. Don't get me started on DJ Jesus(pronounced Hay-zues)

    I was going to give my mom a copy of this season but thought better of it when I got to episode 3 **** Factory" The Phallic Willy Wonkesque segment as the children were swept up into the Sinspirations **** Tour was maybe to much for anyone over 30.

    I admire the balls it takes to put an irreverent, toungue-in-cheek comedic approach on a subject long considered off limits to any respectable network.Thank God 4 late night cable slots, freedom of speech and most of all adult swim's "short attention span format" of 15min episodes!!
  • More episodes please!

    Before they showed LDOTD this month, I used to watch only five minutes of the ending since there was no available television. I've watched the entire season 1 episodes (which is 11 episodes), which I thought was pretty good. There really wasn't much of an idea; every episode was pretty random. All the intros are different, which makes it a lot enjoyable in some way. The visual part is really smooth and nice, but the people in the background doesn't actually move (depending on the scene). I really hope there's more episodes coming soon. It's not a bad show, but it is sort of weird...
  • Give Lucy a chance! I think Lucy,DOTD is worth watching. It portrays the contradictions we find in the human personality every day.

    I've just started to watch Lucy DOTD this week mainly because of recognizing a voice actor in the credits named Sam Seder who is also a radio personality I know and like from Air America radio in NYC. I really enjoyed the episodes Monster, Satan's school for girls, and Dreamster. I got a big kick out of the fact that anti-christ "Lucy" seems to be defiant against her daddy Satan by dating DJ Jesus. Daddy Satan also (in the end of Monster) wanted her to be illegitimately pregnant with a "monster baby" by a certain senator. However Lucy basically pulled his leg by telling him about her fake monster pregnancy in response to a joke Satan had just played on her. Although he was not very pleased when it was his turn and daughter Lucy in turn was deeply annoyed at his disappointment.

    The whole premise of this show to me is based on how we are all rebellious to some degree and we will often do the opposite of what is expected of us from our authority figures. I am sure the show pushes many buttons due to the unusual portrayals and irreverent use of such traditional judeo-christian figures. To me this show is entertaining and a lot of fun and it is part of ADULT swim for a reason. I submit to those who don't like Lucy DOTD because it is too "scary" that adult TV viewers are expected to desire scarier and/or more sexually expressive programming. Adult Swim programming also has to change periodically. Space ghost, Aqua teen HF and the Brak show couldn't last forever! And what the hell was "12 ounce Mouse" about any way? That one was always a channel changer for me!!

    Finally Lucy DOTD is not much different from many "South Park" episodes which are also often total gross outs or religiously irreverent and which I don't always find entertaining (but I do like some episodes). I also say thank goodness cable has so many channels you can always vote with your remote!