Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil

Adult Swim (ended 2007)


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  • Brilliant. Absolutely. From parts of the minds that brought you Home Movies comes Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.

    I must admit I am biased as Jon Benjamin is maybe the funniest man living. But looking at just the facts, the show is not like anything else. It has the typical Adult Swim craziness, true. Still, it manages to not feel like anything else on the air. It also has a large set of testes to take on a topic some people refuse to see any humopr in. Here, Jesus is a DJ with showmanship to spare. He makes a party. Satan has taken over a chain of mid-level restaurants where his daughter, Lucy (the title character and the antichrist) is a bartender (and is friends with DJ Jesus which does not make daddy very happy, at first anyway). There are also two preists (one of which is more than a little interested in Ms. Lucy in the biblical sense) and a blood thristy nun who believes that anything is acceptable as long as the antichrist is destroyed. The three of them are gathering the mystic items that will be able to find and kill the antichrist (they don't know it's Lucy.)
    The shows just started so it could be south from here but with the talent both behind the scenes and the microphones I seriously doubt it.
    If you are easily offended or have an extreme lack of a true sense of humor I'd stay far far away but with the title being what it is I doubt you'll be watching anyway.
    But if you like the funny you'll find it here!