Lunar Jim - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • The Topsy Turvy Zone
    Episode 21.1
    Everything is the wrong way around when Jim starts doing everything backwards - he's eating breakfast at night, even flying and walking in reverse. It's a return trip to the Topsy-Turvy Zone to set him on the right track again.
  • I'm Like a Bird
    Episode 20.1
    It's a fun filled adventure when beautiful moon bird leads Jim and friends on a merry high-speed chase all over the moon. It all comes to a screeching halt when the loon manages to snatch the key to Jim's vehicle and the friends need to find a way to get it back.moreless
  • Moon Mischief
    Episode 19.1
    When a naughty moon critter goes out of control in the Ecodome, the surprising solution comes from a terrified Ted.
  • 1/20/02
    When a little robot zips off with Ted's voice chip, the chase is on as the team jumps into action to catch the thief.
  • 1/18/02
    When her latest invention is accidentally dropped into a ravine, Ripple blasts off into adventure with her cool moon board and reclaims her creation.
  • Lost and Found Friends
    Episode 15.1
    Ripple and a very scared Ted are lost in a maze of a cave and need Jim, Eco and Rover to help them find their way out. But how will the rescue team keep from getting lost themselves?
  • Cosmic Kite
    Episode 14.1
    It's a soaring adventure when Ted gets whisked away by Eco's kite and lands high up on a hill. This is a robot rescue that requires some lofty inspiration.
  • 1/15/02
    A haywire remote control leads to a series of wacky incidents, including Jim and Ted trapped on a couple of runaway vehicles. It's all hands on the flight deck to get the vehicles back under control and Ted out of the driver's seat - fast!
  • Rover's Big Dig
    Episode 12.1
    The Moonaluna team has their hands full when a transmission tower goes on the fritz and Ted is in a panic about the possible return of an extinct lunar dinosaur. In the end, it's Rover's penchant for bones that saves the day.
  • The Big Switcheroo
    Episode 11.1
    There is a ton of mischief and mayhem when Rover and Ted switch personalities after falling into one of Ripple's new inventions. Do they have enough time to switch back and help save the plants in the Ecodome?
  • Mind and Muscle
    Episode 10.1
    During their hunt for a rare blue star sapphire, Eco's brains and Jim's brawn prove to be a winning combination when they become trapped in cave full of gems.
  • Puddle Predicament
    Episode 9.1
    Jim is in a real mess when he lands in a pool of goop that hardens around him as he leaves the puddle. With a chocolate-flavored revelation, Ripple and Eco are able to melt away all of his troubles.
  • Real Slick, Ted
    Episode 8.1
    The discovery of a slippery moon moss field gives Jim and his friends a chance to have some good old sliding fun. But when poor Ted ends up wedged between some rocks, it takes a team effort to get him back on his feet.
  • Recipe for Rover
    Episode 7.1
    It's a fast-paced adventure that has the Moonaluna gang rushing to save Rover when he becomes trapped in a supply pod that is scheduled to blast off in less than an hour. It turns out that one of Jim's donuts is exactly what they need to rescue their pal.
  • Pest Problem
    Episode 2.1
    Eco is distraught when some critter sneaks into his garden for a taste of moon melon rinds and blue moon banana peels. With some investigating, Jim and his friends find the culprit to be an adorable lunar worm with an appetite for compost.
  • Too Many Fluffies / Jim and Ted's Wild Ride
    Too Many Fluffies: Lunar winter has arrived, and Jim and his friends gather crystals back to Moonaluna to keep the place warm. Then, an unexpected fluffy creature has arrived along with them, but when they let him stay, the Fluffies multiply and the Control Tower is full of Fluffies!

    Jim and Ted's Wild Ride: When Ripple creates a remote control for Eco's Feed Dispenser, nothing works when she presses it, but the lights and other appliances all over Moonaluna are out of control, turning on and off. Meanwhile, when Ted complains when polishing Jim's Scrambler that he couldn't drive, the Scrambler automatically takes off. Now Jim has to get Ted out of the driver's seat--and fast!moreless

  • Rover's Big Dig / The Big Sneeze Mystery
    Rover's Big Dig: When Rover digs up an enormous Lunarsaurus bone, Ted becomes afraid that a Lunarsaurus would look for the bone. Meanwhile, when a leg of the Control Tower is bent from a meteor shower, Rover's bone might be able to replace it. The Big Sneeze Mystery: Jim gets a new robot polish for Rover and Ted to use. Meanwhile, after Ripple sneeze uncontrollably all day, Jim suspects that Ripple might be allergic to Rover.moreless
  • The Big Switcheroo / A Little Moon Music
    The Big Switcheroo: When Ted and Rover get into a fight, they end up in one of Ripple's teleport stations and Ted now have Rover's body and Rover has Ted's. Meanwhile, when everyone's having problems operating Ripple's machine, Ted's the only one that could do it, but he's in Rover's body, and doesn't have any hands to operate!

    A Little Moon Music: When Ripple's keyboard breaks, Jim and his friends search for instruments for Ripple, but none of the instruments makes music.moreless

  • Mind and Muscle / Moonbubbles and Bellyburps
    Mind and Muscle: Not only you need good muscles, but you also need a good mind. Jim realizes this when they try to collect a blue sapphire for Eco, and a gigantic sapphire block the entrance of the cave, and Jim and his friends couldn't push it out of the way using their muscles. Moonbubbles and Bellyburps: When the Lunar Worm gets sick, Jim and his friends have to find moonbubbles to cure him, but the problem is that Moonbubbles are invisible.moreless
  • Meteor Mystery
    Episode 1
    When Rover and Ted get all twitchy and an oversized beanstalk grows out of control, there's a mystery to be solved and adventure to be had. Jim and the Moonaluna team zoom into action as they try to uncover the cause of all the confusion. Could Eco's runaway vines be the solution they need?moreless
  • Puddle Predicament / The Chime Flowers
    Puddle Predicament: When trying to reach a flower for Eco's flower collection, Jim accidentally falls into a strange goop, the goop gets pernamently stuck on his body and can no longer move.

    The Chime Flowers: When Ripple wanders into the chime flower fields, the chiming makes Ripple asleep, and Jim has to go wake her up without falling asleep by the chiming sounds.moreless

  • Real Slick, Ted / The Space Pirate
    Real Slick, Ted: Ted accidentally gets his head stuck inside two very strong rocks when everybody was skating on slippery moon moss.

    The Space Pirate: When Jim and his friends hear about a pirate story, Ted becomes increasingly scared, especially when strange buzzing sounds happen every night and the next day, the work everyone's supposed to do is already done for them. Is it possible that Moonbeard the Pirate had come to life?moreless

  • Recipe for Rover / Voice Recorder Ted
    Recipe for Rover: When the supply pod arrives, nothing is in there, so Jim reprograms it so it'll go back to earth and get the things they need. But when they get back to Moonaluna, they realize that Rover is in the supply pod, and the vehicles are broken. They have to rescue Rover--and fast! Voice Recorder Ted: Ted becomes a voice recorder when he accidentally touches the voice control unit for the Lunar Crawler. Then, when Jim climbs down the cliffs, he forgets to realize that the Crawler only responds to Jim's voice, so nobody can pick him back up, but maybe only Voice Recorder Ted can.moreless
  • 12/17/05
    Jim Gets Mucky: When Eco goes on vacation, Jim and his friends take care of the Ecodome for him. Ted is tired to do all the work, so he turns on the Gardenbot to do the work for everyone, but when the Gardenbot crashes, it gets out of control and destroys plants instead. Forget Me Nots: Jim and his friends have a lot of chores to do that day, but after they collect flowers, they can't seem to remember what to do.moreless
  • 12/16/05
    Wrong Way, Ted: When Jim and Ted search in unexplored territory to find Rover, Ted memorizes the route. Then they find Rover in a Lunar Playground and play in it. When Ted accidentally falls down the playground, he loses his memory and they can't find their way back. Running On Empty: After Rover jumps across a Lunar Clam Plant, he loses his energy because his tail plug has been snapped off. Meanwhile, Ted's joints squak when he gets sprayed by the Lunar Vehicle Washer.moreless
  • Up, Up, and Away: When Jim and his friends explore inside a cave, Ted offers to wait outside because he's been dying to try driving. But as he mistakenly drives the Lunar Crawler, he locks Jim and RIpple inside the cave. Meanwhile, back at home, Eco gets stuck up on an apple tree. The Whistling Craters: When a strange whisting is heard in the Ecodome, Jim and his friends try to find the source of the whistling.moreless
  • The Moon Thief: When things keep disappearing in Moonaluna, Jim and his friends try to find the culprit who's stealing all the things.

    That's Odd, Where's the Pod: It's finally Supply Pod day, and Jim and his friends have been waiting all month for this! However, the pod is nowhere to be found, but surprising things happen when Jim finds the marks of the supply pod on the dark side of the moon.moreless

  • Pest Problem / The Secret of Crystal Cave
    Pest Problem: When Eco's moon melons appears to have been eaten, Jim and his friends finds a lunar worm eating them, but he only eats the peels.

    The Secret of Crystal Cave: When Lunar Village runs out of batteries, Jim and his friends search for crystals in Crystal Cave. But when they bring the crystals back to Moonaluna, the crystals wouldn't light up.moreless

  • Meteor Mystery / That Sinking Feeling
    Meteor Mystery: When something messes up all the electrical systems in Lunar Village, Jim and his friends discover a large magnetic meteor. That Sinking Feeling: Jim accidentally gets stuck in lunar quicksand when the shine of the new satellite dish distracted him. Meanwhile, when Ted feels dizzy, Ripple gives him a complete checkup.moreless
  • Welcome to the Moon
    Jim, Ripple, Eco, and robot Ted arrive to the moon, riding on a rocketship. The moon was already prepared for them to live in, but since they have no idea how does everything work, the pilot has explained everything. When things are settled, Jim says that he wants a robot pet companion, so Ripple the chief engineer invents a robot dog.moreless