Lunar Jim - Season 2

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  • Eco and Skye, Jim, and then Rover get stuck to a fruit while trying to pick it. Ripple comes to the rescue, but it's TED who notices birds can land on and take off from the fruit without getting stuck - after they've landed on a nearby bush. Closer examination reveals pollen on the bush's flowers, which negates the stickiness of the fruit. TED sprinkles the pollen on everyone who's stuck, and they're freed! A baby bird's loud squawks are disturbing everyone and making work impossible. Attempts to calm it down are all unsuccessful, unless TED is present. The problem is, the baby bird keeps pecking at the coloured wristband TED is wearing to remind him of the chores he has to do. Eventually they realize that the colour of TED's wristband reminds the baby of its mother's feathers. TED leaves his "reminder" with the baby, and peace is restored.moreless
  • Ripple is accidentally duplicated by a space copier. Confronted by two Ripples, the gang has to figure out which one is genuine? Luckily, a "likes and dislikes" quiz TED gave everyone at the start of the show provides the clue to revealing the real Ripple. TED klongs his head on Zippity's mail hatch door as he rushes to get his latest copy of his favorite comic "Rocket Robot". His circuits get scrambled, and he thinks he's Rocket Robot. He creates havoc attempting to rescue Eco from Delores, and Jim from the Crawler, before another accidental klong brings him back to his senses.moreless
  • TED loves practising on his new skateboard. The only problem? He keeps getting in everyone else's way! But when the Scrambler breaks down on a mission to get some Cosmic Cactus juice for Zippity to take on an emergency run to another base, it's TED who saves the day by skateboarding across the tricky lunar surface to the Moonport - just in the nick of time! The Moonaluna gang is going to perform a live music piece for an intergalactic broadcast. But TED doesn't have an instrument! He and Jim set off to find one. On the way, they fly through some lunar mist, which always makes TED'S joints squeak and honk! All attempts to find an instrument for TED are unsuccessful - and his squeaking is getting worse! Returning for the performance, they realize that TED can be his own instrument - he'll just move his joints and "honk" and "squeak" at the appropriate times!moreless
  • Jim discovers an ancient treasure map hidden by Moonbeard, an ancient Space Pirate. It promises a treasure of "Ruby, sapphire, emerald, gold". The gang has to decipher three clues to find the treasure - which turns out to be the root-ball of a tree. They plant it, and a Rainbow Tree sprouts, revealing branches of "ruby, sapphire, emerald, and gold". TED disobeys Ripple's wishes and tries out her new invention, a rocket pack. There's only one problem - he doesn't know how to land! Both Jim and Ripple try to rescue him - unsuccessfully. Ripple's Space Pillow Foam - invented to protect Delores' eggs from breaking - is hastily spread over the Moonport just as TED's fuel runs out above them. He tumbles from space... and lands safely on the giant cushion of foam.moreless
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    After rescuing Yik Yak - who has gotten himself stuck in a plant - by using some Yik Yak Slik Slak, (a lubricant from Yik Yak's planet), Jim learns the Yik Yak handshake - high five, low five, palm tickle. Yik Yak has the opportunity to help Eco and Ripple with his Slik Slak - and teach them his handshake, too. When Jim, Eco and Ripple come down with Lunar Legs - an ailment which causes their legs to move crazily for a while - no one can figure out how they each got it without being in contact with each other. Until they realize they all got Slik Slak on their hands! Its alien ingredients cause Lunar Legs in humans - and soap and water is all that's needed to cure it. TED creates havoc when he reverses the motor on Ripple's vacuum cleaner and blows Zippity right up his conveyor belt into his Mail Rocket. But when Rover is trapped in a Supply Cave by a rockslide, all attempts to free him fail until TED realizes the motor on the Sampler can be reversed just as the vacuum's was, turning it into a giant blower capable of blowing the rocks away from the Cave face. Rover is freed!moreless
  • While TED and Yik Yak are storing a barrel of Eco's Fizzyberry Juice out at Crater Field, Yik Yak gets firmly stuck in a crater. All attempts to free him fail, until the gang realize they can use the pent-up gas from Eco's barrel of Fizzyberry juice to blow Yik Yak out of his trap in the crater. Zippity has brought TED a new pet. Everyone else thinks it's just a rock, but TED insists it's a very special rock, named Jeffrey. He teaches it tricks, takes it for walks, and finds other moon rock friends for it. And sure enough, Jeffrey saves the day when he's the perfect weight for helping to balance the arm of a satellite dish.moreless
  • Jim and the gang try to find a new home for a little Lunar Crab, who has outgrown its old shell. They try various possibilities - a box, a flowerpot, a moon melon rind - but finally discover that a hollow rock Jim and Rover found is perfect for the little crab. Skye needs to get a photo of the elusive Bouncing Buzzpip for a project at the Lunar Academy. Many people have tried, but the Buzzpip will never stay still long enough. The gang, along with TED the Buzzpip Expert, visit the Buzzpip's home territory at Pothole Plains, but are unsuccessful until they realize that the sound of Skye's laughter - at TED's antics - is what will attract the Buzzpip. Skye finally gets her picture!moreless
  • A Lunar Leaper has leapt onto Moonaluna and threatens the base with its reverberating jumps. All attempts to tire it out fail, until Jim remembers the soothing music he uses to lull himself to sleep. They pipe the music to the Lunar Leaper just in the nick of time. He falls asleep, and is taken to a larger moon by Zippity, where it can leap to its heart's content. Yik Yak's No-See-Um Ray has turned Eco's apple tree - and Daisy - invisible. Its antidote, the Peekaboo Ray, has fallen somewhere on Moonaluna. It's found in the nest of a protective Lunar Loon. TED has to turn himself invisible to retrieve the Peekaboo Ray, and thus return Daisy and Eco's apple tree to visibility.moreless
  • The gang receives an SOS from a stricken spaceship. They manage to bring it in to the Moonport by remote control, but discover there's no-one on board. A search turns up an escape pod fired from the ship, but with only a wilted plant inside. Where is the astronaut? Eventually they discover that the plant is the astronaut. They fix up her spaceship, and she continues on her journey. Comet Atchou - a rare comet - passes over Moonaluna, sprinkling everyone with its sparkly dust. A little while later Jim, Ripple and Eco unaccountably freeze, statue-like, while Rover, TED and Skye - who has a bad cold - are unaffected. It's only when Jim "unfreezes" after a sneeze that they realize it was inhaling the Comet's dust that froze them. Skye's constant sneezing kept her immune. They also learn why the comet has such an unusual name!moreless
  • Skye has made a new substance - called Clump - in her lab at the Lunar Academy. It starts off soft, but hardens quite quickly - perfect for making moulds and sculptures. When a gear breaks on the base's water pump, a perfect replacement needs to be found quickly. None of the gears on the base matches, but when TED accidentally makes a mould of the broken gear in the lunar sand by falling on it, Skye fills it with Clump and the replacement is found! Jim and Ripple have ordered a surprise for Eco - a 'Choo Choo" plant. But when Zippity delivers it, there appears to have been something else in the cargo bay - a voracious Space Chompster! Luckily, it didn't eat Eco's plant - but it appears to have escaped onto Moonaluna. Sure enough, the Space Chompster keeps eating food all over the base - but fortunately seems to be scared off before it can eat Eco's "Choo Choo" plant. Attempts to trap the Space Chompster are unsuccessful... until Eco is given his surprise, and we discover it's actually a "Chew Chew" plant - a voracious eater, and perfect for controlling the bug population around Eco's garden.moreless
  • A satellite dish is broken and needs to be replaced. When Jim and the gang arrive to replace it, they're bombarded with thistles by nearby plants. When they see Yik Yak playing, purposely letting the thistles bounce off his shell, they use the new dish as a shield to protect them on their way to the old dish. They then use the old dish to shield them on their way back to the Hopper. Ted discovers a creature called a Dansilla, which only communicates through dance movements. While trying to teach it the Lunar Twist - his favourite dance - Ted gets his leg trapped in a lunar rock pile. It's up to the Dansilla to try and communicate to Skye and the Moonaluna gang that Ted is in trouble and needs their help. The major obstacle is that they all think the creature just wants to dance for them! Eventually Ted is rescued.moreless
  • Jim and Skye search out the source of some mysterious large balloon-shaped orbs that seem to be rising from Bottomless Crevasse. Skye disobeys Jim's warning about getting too close to the edge of the crevasse, and they both slide to the bottom. The good news is that they've discovered the home of the elusive Lunar Balloon Flower. The bad news is that they're too deep to be reached, and there's no way to climb out. Eventually they're able to escape by riding out on two balloon flowers as they rise from the canyon floor.Yik Yak is enchanted by the sound of air escaping from tires - it reminds him of music back on his home planet. As the gang heads out to clear some meteorites from a Supply Cave opening, Yik Yak slows their departure by deflating one of the Hopper's tires so the escaping air can accompany his song of farewell. But when the Hopper gets stuck trying to go through a stone arch, it's Yik Yak's love of music that saves the day when he deflates the Hopper's tires, lowering it enough to let it pass under the arch.moreless
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    Jim, Skye and TED have discovered some colourful small plants on a fruitless mission to locate some moon clover for Daisy. Jim gives one little plant to Eco, Skye gives one to Ripple, and Jim saves one for his house. To his dismay, he and Eco discover that the plant is called a Moonshroom, and it grows very quickly once a year. He and Ripple manage to get theirs outside before they grow too large, but Eco isn't so lucky. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to move the Moonshroom before it crowds Eco out of the Ecodome, Daisy provides the solution when she eats some! The Moonshroom is no longer a problem, and a new food for Daisy has been discovered.It's a very hot day on Moonaluna. Eco has found a lunar grove where it's nice and shady. But when the gang arrive, all the leaves from the moon trees are gone! It's too hot to stay outside, so back to the Ecodome they go - only to discover that leaves are missing from Eco's apple trees. There's a leaf thief on Moonaluna! Jim GETS LUNAR and discovers Yik Yak is behind it all. He ran out of his leaf fuel and had to land on Moonaluna. Now he needs leaves to fuel his rocket so he can go back home. When the Moonaluna gang are helpful, he vows to return.moreless
  • Yik Yak has arrived to share a treat from his home planet with the Moonaluna gang - Poppin' Pancakes. These special pancakes start as a small ball of dough, then pop and expand to 100 times its size. But before anyone can chow down, Jim has to go to on a mission. The "plug" on a Heat Crater has popped off, and he has to replace it before the surface temperature on Moonaluna gets too warm. He's successful, and his reward is one of Yik Yak's pancakes - which is the consistency of hardened cement and completely inedible.Skye is preparing a class assignment on night and day. When Ripple announces a distant solar panel is malfunctioning, Jim, Ted and Skye go out to fix it. When Skye leaves Ripple's new oil injector inside the panels, Ted climbs in to retrieve it - just as the sun is going down. The panels close like the petals on a flower, imprisoning Ted. It looks like he'll be trapped until first light the next day - until Skye remembers her lesson about night and day. If it's night in one place on Moonaluna, it's day in another. It's only late afternoon at the base. They fly back with the solar panel, and the "petals" open in the sunlight there, freeing Ted.moreless
  • The Fluffies are on their annual march, and nothing can stop their forward progress as they head for the lunarberry fields. When Pixel reveals that they're marching straight toward a deep canyon, something that can function as a bridge has to be found quickly. T.E.D. ends up being the bridge, and the Fluffies cross safely. Jim, Ted and Rover investigate a strange glow in a cave. It's lunar laser flies, who become attracted to Ted when he inadvertently gets some of their goopy food on him. As it turns out, that's a good thing - the Moonport lights aren't working, and replacement parts won't arrive for a few days. Once the source of the flies' attraction to Ted is determined, the goopy food is scraped into jars. The flies follow, and the jars are placed around the Moonport as stand-ins for the landing lights.moreless
  • The base is in need of powerstones that Ripple has discovered buried under the lunar surface. The only problem is that the surface is too hard for shovels, drills, or the Earth Eater to break through. When moon moles push through the surface so they can grab some yukberries Eco has left behind at the dig site, the gang realize that yukberries can be used to lure the moon moles to break through the ground, thus allowing our gang to get the powerstones that lie underneath. When T.E.D. inadvertently sticks himself to Delores with Eco's sticky tree tar, his hand pops free when it comes in contact with Ripple's frozen lunarberry treats. Who knew lunarberries had that kind of property? Later, when T.E.D. sits on a rare Stick-Um plant, the lunarberries don't free him. But when one of Jim's ice core samples accidently lands on T.E.D. and loosens him a bit, the gang realizes it was the "frozen-ness" of the lunarberries that helped him get unstuck, and free him with the ice core samples.moreless
  • A blade on the fan of the Ecodome heater has broken, and it's getting dangerously cold for the plants. Luckily, a replacement fan blade is scheduled to arrive on the Supply Pod. But when T.E.D. goes to fetch it, all he finds is what he takes to be his new Big Bang Boomerang. He throws it and it vanishes into the lunar landscape. When he tells the others his tale of woe, they realize he threw the replacement fan blade away. A search party eventually recovers it and Eco's plants are saved. T.E.D. has trouble figuring out how to use Ripple's new magnetizer - magnetizing himself instead of other objects. But when Rover gets marooned on the thin ice of Glassy Lake, it's a magnetized T.E.D. who is lowered down to Rover to lift him off the ice and save the day.moreless
  • 4/26/06
    Cowboy Ted: When Eco teaches Ted how to be a cowboy, Ted goes overboard with it. Meanwhile, when Jim gets mushrooms for the Ecodome, Delores jumps on it and gets stuck on a beanstalk. A Surprise For Jim: It's Jim's birthday, and Ripple and Eco are planning a surprise party for him. They stall him by giving him a mission to get prepared for the party.moreless
  • 4/25/06
    Lunar Attraction: After being crashed in the head with a crashing comet, Ted gets amnesia and loses his memory, and it turns out that Ted has lost his memory spring during the crash. The Floating Fruit: When Jim and Ted discover strange lunar fruit, they bring them home for everyone to share. But later on, Jim starts to float and Eco starts to get very heavy.moreless
  • 4/24/06
    Ted and the Beanstalk: When Jim and Ted collects Lunar Seeds for Eco, when Ted drops a heavy seed, it quickly grows into a huge beanstalk. Then Ted gets careful holding the other one--almost too careful. When he tries to balance himself, he trips over Jim and they both fall into a deep canyon. Who will rescue them? Moon Pixies: When strange pranks are happening in Moonaluna, like the vehicle tires being took off, making a mess in the Ecodome, and power tools moving by themselves, Jim and his friends disxover that somethings inside the orchid flowers are causing this mischief.moreless
  • Incredibly Shrinking Ted: When Eco invents a Growbeam machine, he makes a small banana huge. Meanwhile, when Jim and Ripple brings Eco a Shrinkberry plant, Ted becomes tiny when he touches the berry juice. Rover's Rocket Roamer: When the supply pod loses control and lands on a ridge of the Lunar Cliffs, Jim and his friends have to try to push the Supply Pod's button to get it back up, but all the vehicles are too big--except for Ripple's small rocket, but unfortunately, no one fits in there. Will the Supply Pod ever come out?moreless
  • Lunar Litter Bugs: When garbage has been constantly appearing on the sides of Stinky Lake instead of the Recycler, Jim dives into Stinky Lake to check what's wrong with the pipe that goes under Stinky Lake. Rhyme Me a River: When Jim and his friends discover new lunar areas, Ted suddenly begins to rhyme every single sentence, but when they get home, Ted loses his rhyming streak.moreless
  • The Topsy Turvy Zone / Robo Puzzle
    The Topsy Turvy Zone: After a visit to the Topsy Turvy Zone, Jim mysteriously starts doing things backwards, like driving vehicles backwards, uprooting plants, taking in the trash, and having breakfast at dinnertime. What has happened to Jim? Robo Puzzle: When Colby the Collector gets stuck under a meteor after a meteor shower, Jim and his friends have to assemble his pieces back, but none of the pieces fit correctly.moreless
  • I'm Like a Bird / Lunar Lily Pads
    I'm Like a Bir: Something simple and fun like whistling could help save day. This is the case when a Lunar Loon chews on the Scrambler's speed chain. Lunar Lily Pads: When Jim discovers floating lily pads, he brings them home to show it to his friends, but Eco wasn't there because while collecting moon mushrooms, he has accidentally sank the Lunar Hopper in a mud puddle, that's quickly sinking. How will Jim and his friends be able to get it out as quickly as possible?moreless
  • Moon Mischief / Short Circuit Gloves
    Moon Mischief: When a heavy meteor shower hits the moon, Jim and Ted stack hem up, bet Ted gets scared when the meteors start to look like moon monsters. Meanwhile, a strange critter enters the Ecodome and pulls out plants just for fun. Short Circuit Gloves: Jim wears Ripple's heating gloves to measure freezing cold lunar craters, but then starts to brake everything that's made out of metal just by touching it.moreless
  • Scooperbot Hide and Seek / Ripple's Web Sprayer
    Scooperbot Hide and Seek: When Ripple invents a robot that collects metal, the robot takes away Ted's voice chip and goes away. Finally, there's peace and quiet, but this really doesn't go well with Ted! Ripple's Web Sprayer: When Jim and Ted goes to put a signal night on a slope, Ted offers to do it, using the Lunar Crawler, but when he breaks the emergency break, the Crawler reverses towards Stinky Lake, and Jim and his friends have to stop the Crawler--and fast!moreless
  • 1/20/06
    The Fallen Star: When a little star has fallen from the sky, Jim and his friends try to get the star back to the sky.

    Big Bowling Bash: When Jim teaches Ted how to bowl, he goes overboard with it, and all he can think about is bowling, and even when Jim and his friends search for treasure, he wants to stay home to practise bowling.moreless

  • Ripple's Moon Blast-Off Board / Force Field Trampoline
    Ripple's Moon Blast-Off Board: Ted tries to learn how to skate on Ripple's new Moon Blast-Off Board. Meanwhile, Jim accidentally drops Ripple's Moon Multi-Tool inside the Lunar Fissure when scanning it. Force Field Trampoline: The supply pod has arrived once again, but it has lost control and is going to crash, so Jim and his friends try to find ways to cushion the impact.moreless
  • Lost and Found Friends / Space Junk
    Lost and Found Friends: When Eco knits a sweater for their cow, Daisy, the sweater doesn't fit her, but fits Rover perfectly. Meanwhile, when Ripple and Ted get lost inside a cave, Jim has to find them, and use something to track down their pathway, and Rover's sweater might be the perfect thing to leave a track.

    Space Junk: When large objects crash to the surface of the moon, Jim and his friends discover space junk covering the Lunar Playground.moreless

  • Cosmic Kite / Crater Critter
    Cosmic Kite: When strong lunar winds causes missions to be canceled, Jim and his friends flies kites, but when Ted attempts to fly a kite, he gets lifted off the ground a up a hill. Crater Critter: After replacing a new satellite dish, Ted discovers a critter in a vine crater, and decides to bring him home, but after they get home, the vines grow out of control and tangle the Satellite Dish.moreless
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