Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Season 1 Episode 8

Caged Hair

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 2003 on TBS

Episode Recap

The news reports that last night, a girl named Andou Tomomi was found dead. She had left her friends around 7PM to ride the ferris wheel.

Shiki is worried about Akiha, who has been acting strange since last night. He asks if it was something Ciel said. She gets up angrily but then faints. Shiki wants to call a doctor, but the maids remind him that Akiha hates doctors and assure him that she will recover with rest. Shiki is still concerned. Why would she get sick so suddenly? Kohaku explains that this often happens whenever Akiha suffers mental anguish. Shiki realizes that he is the cause and decides to stay with her tonight.

That night, Akiha awakens to find Shiki sitting by her bed. She tells him she had a dream. Once, when she was a child and caught a cold, she awoke and he was there. Meanwhile, Arc waits for Shiki in the park.

Shiki wakes up late the next morning and quickly runs towards school. Arc is waiting for him, curious as to why he didn't show up last night. He explains that his sister was sick and that he won't be able to go out for awhile.

Later, Ciel invites Shiki to tea. He confides that Akiha is sick. Ciel replies under her breath that it is just as she thought and then pours Shiki tea. Shiki asks about Ciel. She cryptically replies that she wishes she could stay like this forever, but for now, she asks that he let her be a senpai just a little longer.

When Shiki returns home, he sees Akiha drinking blood from Kohaku's breast. Weirded out, he heads to his room. She is much better by dinner. Suspiciously, Shiki asks Kohaku what she did today. She replies that she went shopping.

That night, Shiki asks Arc more about Roa. Arc explains that the original Roa was, but he may take on any body. The bodies he chooses tends to have specific characteristics. They are of exceptional lineage and usually have something different and inhuman about their blood.

At the Tohno estate, Shiki decides to investigate his father, Makihisa-sama's library. Kohaku finds him snooping around. Flipping out about how people are keeping secrets from him, Shiki picks up a book and reads "Everyone will die quickly. There was no one who died properly." He finds that a bit abnormal.

Later that night, Hisui enters Shiki's room to put away some clothes. He asks if everyone is hiding something from him - things from his past that he's forgotten. At that moment, a violin string breaks and he rushes to Akiha's room to find that she's gone off into the night. He finds her at a small gazebo in the woods by their manor. Her hair starts glowing red under the moon. Arc appears from behind and tells Shiki Roa appeared about an hour ago.

Arc and Shiki have no luck finding Roa, so Shiki's mind drifts back to his sister. He asks Arc her opinion. Arc replies that she doesn't know what she is, but she's not human.

As Shiki heads back to the Tohno estate, he is attacked by a man with a bandaged face. They have a knife fight, and Shiki realizes his attacker can also see death lines on people. He suddenly flashes back to the dead boy from his childhood. The attacker stabs Shiki in the stomach and Shiki starts bleeding profusely. Suddenly, Ciel spears the assailant, who disintegrates into a pillar of flames. Akiha rushes to her brother's aid.