Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Dec 04, 2003 on TBS

Episode Recap

Shiki recovers from his attack under Akiha's watchful eye. He dreams of being a small boy who awakens to find himself along. He hears a woman's voice calling his name from beyond the trees. He follows it and finds a number of dead bodies that lie massacred. Above, the woman calling him lies impaled on a tree. She drops her knife and he picks it up. As she dies, her blood drips onto his face. Horrified, the young boy picks up the knife and starts slicing at the tree in frustration.

Suddenly he awakens to find Akiha by his bedside. He starts to recall his dream, but she stops him and asks what's going on. He explains that there have been a lot of strange killings happening in town. He and Arc were pursuing the culprit. He then asks if Akiha knows his attacker - it appeared as if she called him 'brother.' Akiha takes offense and storms out of the room, declaring that she has only one brother.

The next morning, Akiha leaves before Shiki comes down to breakfast. He is amazed that his wound has already healed and demands that the maids explain what's going on. He then confronts Kohaku about Akiha sucking her blood and asks if his sister is a vampire. Kohaku assures him that she is not, and explains that the Tohno family inherits blood of those who are not human. No one knows the details but every generation, the one with that blood becomes the head of the family. However, Akiha has difficulties suppressing her demon blood, so the maids graciously help. They love her and Shiki very much.

Later, Hisui visits Shiki in his room. She mentions that Kohaku is out and she has some stuff to attend to, so if he were to go looking for answers, she wouldn't stop him. He thanks her and heads into the library.

Anxiously, Shiki enters his father's library and finds a key in a desk drawer. He frantically searches for the correct lock, trying numerous locks and doors, and finally finds a door that leads to a small room with a cage inside. There is a b ed and chair inside and the words "Help me" are written all over the walls and floor.

As Shiki looks on in horror, he sees the ghost of a small child running up the stairs and off into the woods outside the estate. He follows the child and hears Akiha apologizing as two boys follow her. They then go to the gazebo where Akiha went the night before and both boys run at her with knives. One boy then kills the other, and then as punishment, their father stabs the killer. When he wakes up in the hospital, the doctor tells him he was in a traffic accident. The truth suddenly comes flooding back to Shiki, who walks back to the house stunned. Everyone lied to him...

When Akiha learns that Shiki now knows the truth, she severely reprimands Hisui for giving him access to information. When Kohaku asks why she did it, she replies that she knew it would be painful for Akiha, but only Shiki can save her.

Meanwhile, Shiki remembers his mentor explaining that his ability would allow him to protect someone. He now realizes he's been on the wrong path.