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Lupin The Third

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Welcome to the Lupin the 3rd guide. This guide is about the second series; there are three series in all. Grandson of the famous French thief Arsene Lupin, Lupin the 3rd is the world's most accomplished thief, traveling all over the globe to steal the most exotic treasures. A master of disguise and of intricate planning, he is assisted by surly gunman Jigen and silent samurai Goemon. He triumphs easily over Interpol Inspector Zenigata's attempts to trap him, but is continually challenged by Fujiko, his sexy and mysterious rival, but sometimes ally. The second part of the Lupin the Third series has 155 episodes. Theme Song Lyrics: Japanese: LUPIN THE THIRD! Makkana bara wa aitsuno kuchibiru. Yasashiku dakishimete, Kureto headru… Hitomino okuni emono o u t s u s h i t e Sabishiku toikakeru ai no arika. Otoko ni was jibun no sekai ga aru. Tatoerunara sora o kakeru Hitosujino nagare boshi. LUPIN THE THIRD! Kodokuna emi o yuuhini s a r a s h i t e Senaka de naiteru otokono bigaku… LUPIN THE THIRD! LUPIN THE THIRD English Translation: LUPIN THE THIRD! Her lips are a red, red rose. She persuades me to hold her, And give her what she wants… Reflecting her prey deep in her eyes, Asking sadly where love is. A man has his own world. To compare, it is just like A shooting star in the sky. LUPIN THE THIRD! Exposing a lonely smile at sunset, The beauty of a man's back, trembling, crying… LUPIN THE THIRD! LUPIN THE THIRD


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  • A great anime about the world's greatest thief

    this is mostly likely the oldest anime that I'm into but I love it! I find Lupin to be a funny and cool character he is the master of disguise and escape and there's his partner Jigen and it's funny how Zenigata is so desperate to catch Lupin and this to be one of the best anime it has great action and adventures and is enjoyable to watch has entertaining chase scenes and Lupin is hard to get caught great anime I highly recommend itmoreless
  • lupin the thrid wat more can u say bout tha show it may be decades old but seriously this show is timeless and like the heading ahead o its time still theres so much u can say bout the show its crazy but 2 sum it all up in a word... fantasticmoreless

    ive only been watchin lupin for 3 yrs and wen it came on on adult swim at 130 at nite i used to stay in trouble cuz i had skool the next day but i didnt care the show was dat good and i usually am a strong critic of most anime cuz most are the same but 4 lupin 2 last for damn near 4 decades is incredible and outstanding and overall the characters are funny and keep me laughing and the story line is great thru and thru overall i give this show a ten congrats lupin the 3rdmoreless
  • Realy cool anime

    Lupin III is another best anime around, you got to amit this is better than Martin Mistery [realy dumb & gross], I hope I could find any DVDs

    & lets not forget how bad G.I. Joe is on G4 mate

    bring this show back if you know what's good for yas
  • Lupin is the world's most skillful and most wanted thief. He just steals whatever he wants, and at other times he prefers to steal from disrespectable people. Often in his adventures, he and his gang foil other criminals engaged in more serious crimes.moreless

    The best thing about the show is Lupin and Zenigata they work so well. Zenigata is a detective who has made it his mission in life to arrest Lupin. Often Lupin has an opportunity to kill Zenigata, which he always passes up. As an example, once Lupin nearly ran over Zenigata with a race car, but made it jump over him after Zenigata ducked down. Because of this generosity Zenigata refuses to kill Lupin. This gentlemen's agreement is always acknowledged by both. Zenigata, like a good old-fashioned police officer, interested in the capture, not the killing of Lupin. When Lupin tricked the world by getting "killed" in an episode, Zenigata was openly crying as he considered this a tragedy even on a criminal. Zenigata cannot stand going without chasing Lupin for an extended period. For instance, Zenigata arrested Lupin and nervously waited a year until Lupin escaped so the chase could continue. Lupin, deciding to toy with him, waited until he was being led to the electric chair to escape. Zenigata often finds himself arresting more dangerous criminals, after Lupin and his gang stop them.moreless
  • Join thieves Lupin the III and his friends as they travel the world in search of adventures and challenges.

    A classic fantastic anime, this show has it all. And by that I mean several big busted anime ladies for Lupin to ogle. Fortunately every time he does, the women seize the opportunity to take advantage of him. His on and off again girlfriend Fujiko does this every other episode, sometimes stealing what he has rightfully stolen first. Every now and then Lupin outsmarts her with the help of his friends Jigen and Goemon, who are real class acts. The zany plot twists and comedic Lupin make watching this show a rare treat, that is, so long as one doesn\'t mind the occasional naked booby.moreless

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