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Luther's third series will be airing back to back to back to back nights on BBC America this week, having already aired this summer in the UK. Let's begin our (likely) final screen time with John Luther.
The opening scene in the burning building surrounded by English (SWAT?) and police was a nice reentry back into the world of Luther. The most important part was next, however, as John finally moved out of the god forsaken hell hole that he was shacked up in during Season 2. Looks like he might have finally come to terms with Zoe's death enough to enjoy some nicer things in life (foreshadowing). What is the most important home accessory for an English DCI? I'm glad you asked.

Cut to a scene of a middle aged woman returning alone to her apartment at night. This lead to a shot that only leads to trouble.

And so we were off to the races on the first storyline of the new season. After our unlucky lady was killed, the murderer added a bit of flair to the scene.
John seemed to be in good spirits with a new crazy person to track down, however his new puzzle was interrupted by another "boring" case he had been assigned. I think warning bells were ringing in everyone's heads as soon as it was made clear that Luther had been specifically assigned the new case. It turns out that an internet troll had been killed in his apartment and it was John's job to track down the killer with the help of Mr Justin Ripley.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ripley had just been shanghaied by Erin Gray (who has been throwing shade at Luther since day 1) and a new player George Stark. It turns out that Luther is now under investigation by Internal Affairs and that the new case is IA's attempt to catch Luther in the act of doing something shady. Ripley was having none of their (complete lack of) "evidence" and had John's back, however, he did agree to wear a wire to prove that John was a good copper.
After a preliminary investigation of the internet trolls murder scene, John had a bit of an accident that introduced us to another new player Mary who immediately hit it off with John.

We then got a quick cut scene with our new serial killer.

Much to Ripley's chagrin, John started to let his exasperation with the internet troll case get the better of him. After figuring out that the internet troll had some serious technological goodies that he could never afford, the boys interrogated the local loan shark and by "interrogated" I mean.

After recovering the internet troll's laptop from said loan shark and giving very "subtle" hints to John to keep it on the straight and narrow, Ripley was able to discover a potential lead in the form of a defaced memorial page. What followed was a well done and morose scene where we discovered that the internet troll had been harassing the family of a young girl who had passed away from complications due to epilepsy. It became clear that the father of the young girl had killed the internet troll, which led both John and Ripley to a moral conundrum.

Quick cutback to the main case, one of the potential leads in the serial killer case was the similarity to a set of several cases in the late 70s to early 80s. Going off of this potential lead the police attempted to track down the original case officer to see if he had ever focused on a certain suspect. Unfortunately the case officer had been murdered several months ago and was found in his home.
John finally started to catch on to Ripley's hints and caught sight of Erin Gray in the parking lot, but she was able to play it off by faking that she was dating Ripley. She then launched into another morally righteous speech about how John is a bad apple and she is better than him.

Anyway, John deduced that the serial killer murder victim had actually been an attempted target in the early 80s and that the makeup was purely there to try and make her look like she did back then. Going off of this incident John suggested that they should contact the other resident of the house from the 80s just in case. Right as he was doing this he was interrupted by Ripley.

Ripley had spent all day running down leads on the internet troll murder and had, through some nifty detective work, managed to track down a cellphone that had been used to make a videotape of the killing. He was even able to get a clean fingerprint off of the SIM card from the phone. John's lack of enthusiasm for the case in general and for arresting the father had Ripley already a little upset with him, which was made worse when this happened.

Ripley accused John of tipping off the father and let fly with the punches.
This unfortunate turn of events did not end well for the people John was in the middle of phoning.

And so our serial killer was successful once again, unbeknownst to John, who was enjoying a rooftop rendezvous with his new phone buddy Mary. It was nice to see him smile again. However, Ripley was not a happy camper and returned to IA George Stark and declared that somebody had to stop John.
Do you like Mary?

Will Justin really turn on Luther?

Is Luther going down?

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