Season 2 Episode 1

Episode One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 14, 2011 on BBC

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  • Punch Mask Love

    Luther returns after the stunning ending last series when the trigger was pulled by Alice Morgan on Ian Reed and the police stormed in on them. Now Alice has taken the fall and Luther is returning to police work under the new Serious and Serial Unit run by Martin Schenk. He recruits Justin Ripley into the unit after he has been demoted to uniform and processing. A new serial killer is on the loose who wears a punch mask and he brutalizes women on camera and models himself after Spring Heeled Jack (an urban figure from Victorian times). Luther quickly discovers the identity of the killer as a failed artist named Cameron and he quickly begins playing games with Luther and the unit. Luther also talks to Alice Morgan in her psychiatric care now and continues to explore that dynamic now that she's behind bars, sort of, for murder. Luther is disheartened when he must help the daughter of a man he put away when her mother shows up and begs him to plead with her to get out of her line of business which is rapist porn where she is to be unconscious so Luther must stow her away at Mark's house while he tracks down the killer. It's good to have Luther back, with this supposed to be two two hour longs episodes in broadcast and then changed to four I believe it works better this way what with the cliffhanger ending and all. But Luther is indeed back and better than ever, and since Luther now has nothing truly left to left with Zoe dead, we're about to bear witness to a whole new side of DCI John Luther.