Season 2 Episode 1

Episode One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 14, 2011 on BBC

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  • Season premiere shows a big improvement over Season 1


    When I first watched the first season of Luther, I found myself simultaneously disappointed and pleased. I was disappointed by how Neil Cross and the rest of the crew decided to put Luther and Alice Morgan's relationship on the back-burner for most of the season while focusing on random (albeit interesting and dark) cases-of-the-week that were exciting but ultimately pointless. As the season drew to an end, the show showed some signs of life with the death of Luther's wife and Luther's attempt to escape the blame. The final two episodes of the season were great in the sense that it was exciting, but a bit lackluster in the sense that it came out of nowhere. Luther's friend Ian Reed was responsible for Zoe's death, but we didn't know anything about Reed, which meant when he was revealed to be the bad guy, I found myself caring very little.

    However, whatever Season 1 was missing in momentum seems to be in Season 2 (at least so far). With a shortened episode load and a better understanding of who some of these characters are, Season 2 gets off to a fast start, throwing us into the middle of another murder, this one apparently lasting for the whole four episode of the season. Whereas Season 1 was scatter-shot in it's attempt to create a story arc, Season 2 seems to have it down-pat right now.

    For one, we have a killer who is truly terrifying. Cameron Pell, a failed artist who murders people at historical monuments in London as an attempt to scare people the way Jack the Ripper did hundreds of years before, is an odd man, somebody who will likely be fleshed out a bit as the season continues but remains a few steps ahead of Luther and the rest of the detectives.

    Secondly, the show remains as exciting as before. Season 1 had plenty of tense scenes, and Season 2 seems to be attempting to one-up it. The scene where Cameron live-streams his kill while Luther is forced to watch was great, as was the scene where Luther and Cameron run into each other in the alleyway, and Luther, despite being tased and Maced, continues to fight back. They're both great sequences that prove Neil Cross can write scenes that leave the audience on the end of their seats.

    As of right now, I don't have many problems with the season opener. I suppose the plot with Jenny Jones, the teenage prostitute, seems a bit odd right now and a little too Taxi Driver-esque for my liking, but I did like the scene between Mark North and Jenny after Luther drops her off (speaking of Mark North, I didn't think I'd be glad to see him again, but the way that him and Luther are "mates," more or less, makes for an interesting concept. Also, I wasn't expecting to see Alice Morgan this season, but it appears that her and Luther's friendship is just as strong as it was before, and seeing that Luther left her a key-card to escape seems like an interesting development.

    Right now, Season 2 of Luther is starting off on the right foot. It's taking everything I liked about Season 1, weeded out some of the issues and continued to give Idris Elba a compelling character to play.l