Season 3 Episode 1

Episode One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 02, 2013 on BBC

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  • Generational Killer

    Luther returns for its third, and probably final, series of TV and it still has all of its audacity and brilliance that creepy-minded master Neil Cross has in exposing us and DCI Luther into. While this doesn't premiere in the US till September I have been a fan since Series 1. The show definitely hit its high point in Series 2 which was some of the most brilliant British TV I've seen in a long time. Series 3 is still grand but as always it's different. Sticking to the 4 hour long episodes that Series 2 helped cut down on the meandering plots that plagued Series 1 helps show us Luther's next darkened phase in the most streamlined possible way. As expected the first two parter deals with the cold open of a woman going to bed and then a man creepily coming out from under her bed. Needless to say the plot goes full force and Luther's career now hangs in the balance with British Internal Affairs equivalent DCI George Stark, a hardened Scot, trying to take down Luther under DCI, formerly DS, Gray from Series 2. They try to enlist Justin to help take Luther down before someone gets killed and point all out all of the people that have died over the course of the show thanks to Luther's involvement including Season 1's Henry Madsen. But Cross also throws another twist at us in the form of a new love interest who gets into a minor traffic accident with Luther and takes a liking to his charming ways. The recipe, having watched all four episodes now, makes for brilliant television for fans of the show and Cross gives us plenty to chew on as Luther faces off against more killers and his own rage that he wants to unleash upon them. Needless to say this is a tremendous ending to the TV incarnation of Luther. As Idris and Cross have pointed out a movie is planned along with a possible Alice Morgan spin-off and for those who love the series you should also give Luther: the Calling a read which details the Henry Madsen case from Season 1 and prior to the show's start. But this leaves the door open for more tv, more books, and more great psychological trauma as we watch our favorite troubled striding detective with a tweed coat make his final four hour debut on telly.