Season 1 Episode 3

Episode Three

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 18, 2010 on BBC
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Luther suspects an occult writer of the abduction of a young mother, and attempts to solve the case through the examination of parallels with outstanding murder cases in which the writer was implicated but never charged. Luther is subjected to an internal investigation following an assault on Zoe's boyfriend, Mark.moreless

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Catherine Hamilton

Catherine Hamilton

Kirsten Ross

Guest Star

Paul Rhys

Paul Rhys

Lucien Burgess

Guest Star

Andrew Tiernan

Andrew Tiernan

Richard Henley

Guest Star

Michael Smiley

Michael Smiley

Benny Silver

Recurring Role

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    • Alice Morgan: I did this because I don't like you and to toy with John. Ah, it's a bit like pulling legs off flies.
      Mark North: Why are you here now?
      Alice Morgan: Because I'm sorry.
      Mark North: No, you're not.
      Alice Morgan: No, no, I'm not. I was just trying to empathise. I'm here because this has gone just far enough, and what I need you to do now is pick up that phone and withdraw the complaint.
      Mark North: And if I refuse? What if somebody actually stood up to you and refused?
      Alice Morgan: Hmm, well, then, I'd have to leave… and then one night I'd have to come back.

    • Alice Morgan: How do I know you're not playing a double game? One stone, multiple birds, trying to make me speak carelessly in order to entrap me.
      John Luther: That would be illegal. Plus I really need to catch this man.
      Alice Morgan: More than you want to catch me?
      John Luther: At the moment, yeah. I'm running out of time.
      Alice Morgan: Because if I thought you were about to lose interest in me, I'd be inconsolable.
      John Luther: I just need a way in, to know what it's like to be him, to not feel anything.
      Alice Morgan: I feel things.
      John Luther: Not mercy.
      Alice Morgan: Not sentiment. I can't empathise for this man's state of being any more than you can, because, disregarding a single, ah, alleged act, carried out for different, alleged, reasons, he and I might just as well be from different species.
      John Luther [ sigh ]: See, I disagree. Murder's murder.
      Alice Morgan: But it isn't, is it? Not even to you. This man Burgess, he's just a naughty child showing off. You already know his flaw — his compulsion to dominate, to be in control — and you already know how to exploit that.
      John Luther: How?
      Alice Morgan: Oh, come on. Change the state of play.
      John Luther: Yeah, well, I tried that with you and it failed.
      Alice Morgan: Only just.

    • Lucien Burgess: It's a kink, a sex thing. Many many women fantasise about being tied up, strangled, raped, eaten.
      John Luther: You think so.
      Lucien Burgess: Oh, yeah. The more depraved the killer, the more women fawn on him. It's called 'hybristophilia'.
      John Luther: 'Sexual arousal from thoughts of violence.'
      Lucien Burgess: It's his willingness to murder that attracts her. His murder becomes hers.

    • Rose Teller: Three guesses why Zoe's gentleman caller was here.
      John Luther: To confess he's a dick?

    • Richard Henley [ about Lucien Burgess ]: I wanted to kill him. I knew it would cost me, but I didn't care. To this day, uh, the biggest regret of my life is not killing the— Any idea what it's like to feel like that?
      John Luther: Yes, I do. I know exactly what that feels like.

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