Season 1 Episode 3

Episode Three

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 18, 2010 on BBC



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    • Alice Morgan: I did this because I don't like you and to toy with John. Ah, it's a bit like pulling legs off flies.
      Mark North: Why are you here now?
      Alice Morgan: Because I'm sorry.
      Mark North: No, you're not.
      Alice Morgan: No, no, I'm not. I was just trying to empathise. I'm here because this has gone just far enough, and what I need you to do now is pick up that phone and withdraw the complaint.
      Mark North: And if I refuse? What if somebody actually stood up to you and refused?
      Alice Morgan: Hmm, well, then, I'd have to leave… and then one night I'd have to come back.

    • Alice Morgan: How do I know you're not playing a double game? One stone, multiple birds, trying to make me speak carelessly in order to entrap me.
      John Luther: That would be illegal. Plus I really need to catch this man.
      Alice Morgan: More than you want to catch me?
      John Luther: At the moment, yeah. I'm running out of time.
      Alice Morgan: Because if I thought you were about to lose interest in me, I'd be inconsolable.
      John Luther: I just need a way in, to know what it's like to be him, to not feel anything.
      Alice Morgan: I feel things.
      John Luther: Not mercy.
      Alice Morgan: Not sentiment. I can't empathise for this man's state of being any more than you can, because, disregarding a single, ah, alleged act, carried out for different, alleged, reasons, he and I might just as well be from different species.
      John Luther [ sigh ]: See, I disagree. Murder's murder.
      Alice Morgan: But it isn't, is it? Not even to you. This man Burgess, he's just a naughty child showing off. You already know his flaw — his compulsion to dominate, to be in control — and you already know how to exploit that.
      John Luther: How?
      Alice Morgan: Oh, come on. Change the state of play.
      John Luther: Yeah, well, I tried that with you and it failed.
      Alice Morgan: Only just.

    • Lucien Burgess: It's a kink, a sex thing. Many many women fantasise about being tied up, strangled, raped, eaten.
      John Luther: You think so.
      Lucien Burgess: Oh, yeah. The more depraved the killer, the more women fawn on him. It's called 'hybristophilia'.
      John Luther: 'Sexual arousal from thoughts of violence.'
      Lucien Burgess: It's his willingness to murder that attracts her. His murder becomes hers.

    • Rose Teller: Three guesses why Zoe's gentleman caller was here.
      John Luther: To confess he's a dick?

    • Richard Henley [ about Lucien Burgess ]: I wanted to kill him. I knew it would cost me, but I didn't care. To this day, uh, the biggest regret of my life is not killing the— Any idea what it's like to feel like that?
      John Luther: Yes, I do. I know exactly what that feels like.

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