Season 2 Episode 2

Episode Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 21, 2011 on BBC

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  • The Cameron Pell story arc comes to an end

    After spending most of my review for last week's episode lauding how the show was using its shortened episode order to focus on one plot instead of doing stand-alone episodes, it appears I spoke too soon. I have to amend my statement: while the show is not doing one overall story arc as I originally believed, they seem to be doing (somewhat) what Veronica Mars did in Season 3, which is introduce one plot, and while the show is busy working its way through the first one, introduce the second plot so that when the first one ends, the second one can pick right up. Perhaps this is a confusing way of explaining it, but it actually works very well for this show.

    The show wastes no time in jumping back into the action as Luther struggles to control his anger issues as he looks for Justin. Meanwhile, he also has to put up with the people in charge of the "necro-porn" business. These people (controlled by a mysterious woman and a couple of sketchy guys) go as far as nailing Luther's hand to a table while they blackmail him into a job for them. I still don't think that the child porn story arc is as strong as the Cameron Pell one, but it's lead to some tense scenes.. sure, the show may have its problems, but no one can say Neil Cross doesn't know how to leave us on the edge of our seats.

    As of right now, the show seems to firing on all cylinders. Characters that I didn't like last season (such as Martin Schenk and Mark North) are working this year (Mark North's inclusion in the show is arguably pointless, but I really like the way he shows up to help Luther when he needs it... It looks like Zoe's death has lead to some brotherly bonding), and the stories are being given time to grow. I'm still not sure how Alice Morgan fits into all of this, but I like Ruth Wilson enough in the role to give the writers the benefit of the doubt.

    I enjoyed the way the show brought the Cameron Pell storyline to a satisfying conclusion, but I'm not as hopeful for the "necro-porn" business. Hopefully, Neil Cross can figure out a way to use the next two hours as a good way to end Season 2.