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Episode 6 - Your thoughts?

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    [1]Jun 8, 2010
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    What a great season finale. I'm usually a guy that watches a lot of American detective shows, however this British based detective is one of the best one i've seen in a long time.

    I thought how they summed the ending up was brilliant, I wasn't too sure how it was going to turn out, but I can certainly say I was on the edge of the seat all the time, it was a weird feeling... I'm glad that Alice was used as a real main part of the last episode, thought it spiced it up a bit, because it seemed like Luther really didn't want to use her? not sure if it was just me or not though.

    I really hope there is going to be a season 2 or was it just a one-off show? - I seriously hope not.

    What were your thoughts on it?

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    [3]Jun 9, 2010
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    Oh my. That was so exciting!

    I actually thought the Zoe / Mark / Luther dynamic was the worst bit about the show. In the first few episodes it didn't really add anything, and the relationship is one that's been done to death in other shows. The relationship between Luther and Alice on the other hand was far more unique and thus appealing to me. The fact that she had such a major role in the finale was fantastic. Mark came into his own once Zoe was dead too. Her death needed to happen really and I can see know why the Zoe / Mark / Luther thing needed to be set up in the first place now. The writers added a major twist to that cliche.

    I've a couple of problems with the final episode, chiefly:

    - How did Luther manage to convince Mark to get involved? I would have liked that to be explained further. It seems odd that Mark would just trust Luther considering the way Zoe had told him about her and Luther's "affair".

    - Why were there not more police at the scene when Luther and Ian met? Surely there would have had more gunmen as they considered him a murderer? They would have been more thorough.

    Despite those points though I really enjoyed the show, and the finale in particular. The idea of continuing the drama in real-time with snippets intercutting the credits is an ingenious idea.

    As for a second season, I think there's quite a lot of places they can go with this: There could be disputes about Luther forcing a confession out of Ian because Alice had a gun to his head? They could all go on the run again? Luther could join the police force again, thus making Alice kill again to get his attention? They could do something more with Justin? I really hope it does get renewed, but I agree it works as a standalone too.

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    The obvious thing to do is for Luther to take the gun and the diamonds. Tell Alice, she was never there. Tell Mark, he never saw Alice, just brought the diamonds. He can say, it was self-defense, after all, he has a hole in his abdomen. He also owes both.

    It could be fairly easy to prove what happened, starting with the diamond story. Ian killed 3, I'm sure all pieces could be brought together, even for the idiot Rose to understand.

    I never liked the Mark-Zoey-John triangle, the crime stuff and the John-Alice thing were the best, and I hope, they bring the show back. They could introduce a serial killer, who remains the enemy at large for the 2nd season, have more story for Justin, maybe even Schenk and bring in a new, hot woman as detective.

    And how did John convince Mark, he didn't do it? The whole Ian story makes sense, if you listen. Then John obviously is not suffering from delusions or guilt. And I'm sure, at least he would take responsibility for such actions...

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    [5]Sep 1, 2010
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    Great, great series...Look forward to Series 2
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    [6]Sep 2, 2010
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    I second or third or fourth hating the love triangle stuff - mostly because despite her title of humanitarian lawyer I found that Zoe was far too spoilt and privileged - basically toying with two men. I never got a satisfactory answer as to why she left Luther either - the writers avoided the straightforward spends too much time on the job answer, Luther isn't an alcoholic like many TV detectives, etc. Just seems too esoteric and precious for me.

    I don't see how realistically Luther could get out of this situation and still remain a detective. How will he explain why he didn't out Ian right away after Shugerman's death? I suppose he could say that he didn't fully understand the situation and that Ian promised to meet him to talk and explain later but that the explanation never came and he put the pieces together himself.

    I think the thing to do would be to send Alice and Mark away.

    Re convincing Mark - that is a hard one, especially since Alice brought him to Luther at knife point and because Luther had set Alice up to Zoe and Mark as someone they should be fear and I think it should have been clear to them from their conversations with her that she is a psychopath.

    The shooting interesting as you knew that Alice was just itching to kill another person.

    I agree with the others who said that they found the Alice and Luther relationship most interesting. The clincher for Alice with Luther I think would have been when he said "I see you" - must be pretty attractive for someone who would have to spend a lot of her time dissembling to seem normal. I would love to see more of the relationship. Ruth Wilson does creepy very well.

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    [7]Sep 4, 2010
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    Yeah, Zoe really annoyed me, although she was a necessary part of the plot. I don't know if I could stand her whining and flip-flopping through another series though.

    I loved Alice and think a second series with her being more involved would be great.

    By the way, Luther HAS been renewed for a second series.
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    I'm always complaining that American shows are constantly recycling actors but Britain isn't that much better, tbh...The Zoe character is played by an actor that pops up in a lot of series...So while she seemed like a good fit for the series, her departure doesn't surprise me...She'll pop back up again in another series soon enough

    The Alice & Luther relationship is clearly at the heart of the series...Both are top notch actors in this series, IMHO...They very clearly carry the series and I hope they both continue to be as central to the story as they have been
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    [9]Dec 20, 2010
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    Loved it. Brilliant show, looking forward to the 2nd season.
    Alice is such a great character, and Ruth is a great actress - always a pleasure to see her.
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