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  • Good but I Have Issues with the Abilities of the Metro Police and Luther

    As well acted as the show is it pulls me out to watch when I got to season 2 and tried to suspend disbelief as serial killers roam London and the public shows no alarm whatsoever. It strains credulity to believe that the Police are this incompetent at times or that the criminals this brazen and able to get away until the plot dictates that they don't.

    And the illogic abounds - take season 3 ep 4 - the vigilante - SPOILER SPOILER much of a spoiler really...

    the vigilante posts a video online and shows his damn face! Why?? You want to be Batman then you wear a damn mask. I'm American so perhaps I'm missing a UK nuance here. And don't get me wrong, I love British TV. I named my damn dogs after Basil Fawlty and Reginald Perrin - (how many of you even know who Reggie Perrin is?) So I have been to Britain and love it but do not understand this show's failings.

    On the plus side - the show does have the edge that any character can be killed or harmed at any time so there is that in its favor. It just puts me a bit on the fence to watch the clumsy police work...
  • Luther aka Sh*t That Wouldn't Happen in America

    You know, because we have guns and people with balls. Nevertheless, good show.
  • Class! What an excellent series.

    I've always liked Idris Elba - maybe it's because of The Wire or maybe because his screen presence is so compelling. When our TVs schedules are filled with so much dross to have this little gem of a series appear is so (Idris Elba) is a Detective Inspector in a Special Crimes Unit who has just returned to work after having recently recovered from a mental breakdown due to pressures of a marriage break up and over commitment to his job. His relationships with his ex-wife, his new colleague DS Ripley and a psychopathic but brilliant young lady are central to the development of the series. Each episode leaves one wanting to know how the plot will develop. There are of course the crimes to be solved and Luther's unorthodox but canny methods.

    I will not divulge any more but the climatic ending to episode 6 makes one want to know 'what now?' I strongly recommend Luther who anyone who appreciates 'quality' television drama.
  • Dexter is what Luther scrapes off the bottom of his shoe...

    Well, I'm glad that's over. Not an auspicious season.

    Two points:


    2. Any building with an inside lock on an exterior door (Luther's condo, apparently) should be investigated by OSHA (or whichever agency does that) in the since Britain doesn't have the proper inspectors for their real estate.

    Any road, I'm glad that's over and I won't be spending my coin to see your movie, Idris. Sorry.


    Interesting, no posts on this show whatsoever.

    No matter, it's still light years a better show than Dexter. But one question:

    DO THE COPPERS IN BRITAIN STILL NOT CARRY GUNS???????????????????????????

    Oh, and on the malarkey, it was a red herring. Not a very good one, either. The last season was nowhere near as good as the other two.

    Good luck in the movies, Idris. Don't become a Clive Owen or a Hugh Grant, I'm begging you.


    On Season Three:

    Oh boy, just as tough to watch as the previous two seasons. Elba is amazing, as per his usual.

    All four last ever episodes are available On Demand. There will be a movie, it seems, to continue the series. Not for me, thanks all the same.

    One bit of malarkey in the last season, episode one, to set up the finale. Again, glad to know what's coming, that is one of the best things about Brit shows that are spoiled in Wikipedia. Don't want to spoil it, but it's not believable, especially based on season two.

    Well, to those who admire television as it should be made: steel yourself and enjoy.

    On Seasons One and Two:

    Wow. I have tried many times to watch this show, it is rough, and I can only watch it in small portions.

    I have always loved Idris Elba, he was one of the best parts of The Wire. He is amazing in this show, but the storylines? Hoo boy.

    Not for the faint of heart.

    Glad it's coming back, but too bad the weasels at FIOS leave in the commercials when they put it on On Demand.

    Oh well, back to the amazing show that is Luther.
  • 1.0
    I just watched the first episode and I was disturbed

    He let a serial killer go what kind of a hero is he ??? (I mean Alice morgan not the guy on the roof top)

    That really turned me off from the show

  • Brilliant psychological thriller!

    This is an awesome show even though it is somewhat disturbing. I never really got into "The Wire" but I can see I will have to now. Idris Elba is brilliant as DCI John Luther in this show, Luther.
  • About the final episode of this richly tense show

    I already loved this series, but this final amazing episode just raised the bar even more! Beautiful shots, perfect placement of some great music, excellent performances by all the actors, particularly Idris Elba (Luther) and the returning Ruth Wilson (Alice), both playing extremely captivating and interesting characters. The best episode of the series IMHO and one of the best episodes of any drama series ever! This is TV drama entertainment at it's best and most compelling! I think the only possible way they could top this is by making a movie, which these characters and artistic vision really deserve. But I will be more than glad if they decide to make another season before that. The only way I will be sad is if this is the last time we see Luther and Alice, although ending with such an awesome episode (Season 3 - Episode 4), which was directly following the events of the previous episode (shocking but terrific), is still a better way to go than almost all TV shows finales I've seen. Luther FTW!!!
  • Luther Was here, but now he's gone

    Great show. Glad Luther returned for a final season
  • You dark and twisted little beauty

    Oh how I'm enjoying all this anti-hero TV there is right now! Dexter, Banshee, Breaking Bad (probably others) and most definitely Luther. It does make your moral compass sway somewhat,

    well that's ok

    ... isn't it?
  • compelling yet disturbing

    Luther is a compelling yet disturbing show that puts most police shows to shame. Idris Elba is excellent as John Luther a brilliant yet flawed detective that despite his flaws is called upon to solve truly grisly crimes. while the police procedural aspect is head and shoulders above most it is the character drama of not only Luther but the supporting characters from Alice who is luthers equal the ying to his yang, Justin who is luthers partner who we get to see grow from nieve greenhorn to street wise and trusted partner/friend, zoe and her struggle between two men, mark and his at times painful journey and on and on.

    compelling from beginning to end with great characters and compelling cases. a top notch police show from the UK which puts most of it's peers to shame.
  • Compellingly creepy - like Dexter, even though it's not anything like Dexter other than messing with us psychologically.

    Luther is a great detective, even though he's quite flawed, but in a way that's understandable, for many of us would have similar issues if we faced what he's faced.

    He "knows" a suspect is guilty by how the suspect over-controlled themselves during his "sneeze test" (don't worry, it's revealed right after the sneeze test, so I don't consider that a spoiler). Yet despite the entire team's best efforts, they can't find any real evidence on the suspect, so they have to release the suspect. BTW, the suspect is a genius (natch).

    The suspect becomes intrigued by Luther (my guess is that they've never come close to anyone else that's almost as brilliant as they are), and becomes quite involved in his life, and investigations. This is when the show really becomes interesting, especially from the psychological perspective - it's creepy, yet kind of understandable.

    I hope there's another season - I want to see what happens after the big showdown!
  • Rises way above the usual fare of generic cop shows, simply the best psychological drama since Se7en.

    Bias, it's a terrible thing I know but I have to admit I AM biased, biased against police drama's, for me they signify the apathy and mediocrity at the heart of both British and American television. However, occasionally along comes a series that sits so far above the grey landscape of indifference that it blinds by the light of it's creativity. One such show is the British drama 'Luther'. By twists and turns we are guided into the very heart and soul of John Luther a dedicated senior police officer who is in constant battle with his darker half trying to achieve justice for victims of the most brutal crimes within the labyrinthine bureaucracy of a legal system who's existence (along with the media) seems intent in ensuring the path to a successful arrest and conviction is difficult as possible.

    Idris Elba is excellent at portraying this wrought but noble detective John Luther and reflects once again how far his acting range can reach following The Wire. The audio track is both outstanding and insightful using such talents as Emiliana Torrini's track 'Gun'. One of the more interesting back stories is the role of Alice Morgan a young multiple murderess (played brilliantly by Ruth Wilson) who gives Luther chilling insight into the minds of his suspects while challenging him on sexual, intellectual and moral levels with the intent of drawing him further towards her passions, John sees this and it both frightens and attracts him while the audience is left cliff edged awaiting his fate. 'Luther' reminds me of 'the number 23' and 'Se7en' and how obsession can destroy and destroy utterly.

    A triple A show amongst E-average competition.