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  • Rises way above the usual fare of generic cop shows, simply the best psychological drama since Se7en.

    Bias, it's a terrible thing I know but I have to admit I AM biased, biased against police drama's, for me they signify the apathy and mediocrity at the heart of both British and American television. However, occasionally along comes a series that sits so far above the grey landscape of indifference that it blinds by the light of it's creativity. One such show is the British drama 'Luther'. By twists and turns we are guided into the very heart and soul of John Luther a dedicated senior police officer who is in constant battle with his darker half trying to achieve justice for victims of the most brutal crimes within the labyrinthine bureaucracy of a legal system who's existence (along with the media) seems intent in ensuring the path to a successful arrest and conviction is difficult as possible.

    Idris Elba is excellent at portraying this wrought but noble detective John Luther and reflects once again how far his acting range can reach following The Wire. The audio track is both outstanding and insightful using such talents as Emiliana Torrini's track 'Gun'. One of the more interesting back stories is the role of Alice Morgan a young multiple murderess (played brilliantly by Ruth Wilson) who gives Luther chilling insight into the minds of his suspects while challenging him on sexual, intellectual and moral levels with the intent of drawing him further towards her passions, John sees this and it both frightens and attracts him while the audience is left cliff edged awaiting his fate. 'Luther' reminds me of 'the number 23' and 'Se7en' and how obsession can destroy and destroy utterly.

    A triple A show amongst E-average competition.