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NBC (ended 1960)





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  • Cool show.

    M Squad was too cool for school. Any show staring Lee Marvin as a tough-guy police detective would have to be. Great opening sequence! I think that's a '53 Ford turning the corner. Filmed in black & white, the way God intended. After the first season, the opening theme song was replaced with a tune written by the great Count Basie. I think it even made the charts. How cool is that?
  • A tough cop for a tough city

    M Squad was a successful police drama that ran on NBC from 1957-60 that featured Lee Marvin as Lt. Frank Ballinger, a top detective for the Chicago Police & their special unit, M Squad.

    Lee Marvin(during his TV days)not only played the lead, but also narrated the episodes leading the viewers throughout the episodes. The show originally was criticized by the Chicago Police Dept. as well as then Mayor Richard J. Daley for showing the city in a less than favorable light, as well as what they consider an "unrealistic" approach to police procedure.

    At the show's 2nd season, a jazz-oriented theme music replaced the original title tune was composed by Count Basie.

    The show is now enjoying a return to Chicago TV after many years now being seen by a new generation of potential fans, myself included!