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MacGyver is a different kind of hero: he doesn't use weapons, he's afraid of heights, and he's an expert at making complicated machines out of ordinary things quickly. He works in the employ of The Phoenix Foundation, a think tank dedicated to improving mankind. Pete Thornton gave MacGyver his assignments, occasionally getting involved himself or lending Foundation resources for MacGyver's various personal endeavors. Another sometimes accomplice was Jack Dalton, a long-time friend with a penchant for getting himself into trouble and relying on MacGyver for helping him out of it. MacGyver also had an archenemy, Murdoc, who sought to kill MacGyver many times, often through the use of ruses and elaborate traps. MacGyver's first name was a secret until the final season, when we learned just why he chose not to use it. MacGyver was produced by Henry Winkler/John Rich productions in association with Paramount Television.

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  • So cool to see this old show on the home page

    this was fun TV, and made me think of SG1 too!
  • Today's product placement marketers could learn something from it

    The Swiss Army Knife is not just his favorite tool. His character is kind of like one too in that he's versatile and practical.
  • Somewhat, the IRL counterpart of Jimmy Neutron.

    This is one smart show.

    Plot: MacGyver, a smart whiz that knows everything in physics, mechanics, objects, and almost everything! He makes things that are just unusually useful, and unique. He can create any inventions using anything! And those inventions are somewhat proven that it can be done in the real world!

    Characters: MacGyver is one of my most favorite protagonists of all time, as he's unusually smart. Underrated. I admit that this guy is a little smarter than Tony Starks. Characters are really complete in details, they are always in the right place, good actors, the actors know how to move into the right positions of their roles.

    Value: With a unique streak, he doesn't battle his way with a gun, only with swiss knife, and his invention. I like how the story and action goes in this show, it's one of the most unusual TV shows ever. Everything goes out well-planned and pure. Underrated.

    Overall: 11. The show/program to receive a highest score from me yet. REALLY underrated, I recommend this.moreless
  • My All-time Fave Hero

    I was 10 when I started watching MacGyver and no one can get me off in front of the television once it's started.I would collect all of RDA's posters and make it the wallpaper in my room.:P I still can hum its opening theme even after 25 yrs. After it ended I still kept on looking for networks that aired it again.I still adore this witty hero.No tv series have captivated and made me glued to my seat every Saturday night more than MacGyver.

    Of course this tv series was way back then.Special fx in tv and movies have gone a long way.We can't expect the younger gen to appreciate it the way we used to.Technology were simpler then and so does the fx used.If you're looking for bombastic blasts and nerve-cracking adventures go "MI" or Indiana Jones.However, MacGyver isn't about that at all.It's just about using what we have during emergencies, being creative and witty.But please NEVER post a review if you haven't seen it!

    What's also great about the hero is his being a gentleman.We don't have this kind of hero anymore.It's also about friendship and never having grudges.I really admire how Mac helped his nemesis "Murdock" when the later's sister was taken hostage.We can't find that kind of guy anymore.Who would help someone who never wastes his time planning a plot to kill you?Maybe what made MacGyver last for 7 yrs though some episodes do have some flaws is the hero's character.We can see a part of ourselves in him or wished we had.What we look forward to every week is what would Mac do and how would he get out of the trouble he's in.The story doesn't really matter.We loved his ingenuity and wits.Period.moreless
  • World's greatest hero, when it comes to get out of a a dangerous situation, without using a gun!

    When it comes to find a way out of a sticky situation, then Macgyver is our man. Regarding on his intelligence, and on what he has around him, the man could built anything. It was the series which gave Richard Dean Anderson his first big chance in Hollywood, b portraying Angus MacGyver (If this did not have happened, we would have not been able to see him on Stargate), and also for the great Dana Elcar, who did ana amazing work reprising Pete Thorton's, MacGyver's best friend. Although some of his tricks did not work on real life (although the way he stops the acid in the first episode, by using chocolate has been proven to be possible, it's just genius!), he was still able to captivate our imagination and our attention by defeating his enemies, without using nothing but a Swiss Army Knife, and his imagination. Along with his friends Peter and Jack, he travelled the world, helping those who needed most. The show was funny and it was one of the best of its kind.

    One of the greatest things that the series taught us also, was about friendship and the way you must sometimes relay on others, even if you do not think it is the best thing to do. A wonderful series, which deserves a place on the top, my friends!moreless
  • WHAT!? ON CBS?!?!?

    News Briefs: CBS Orders Stephen King's Under the Dome for Summer 2013

    Plus: A Home Improvement reunion on Last Man Standing, MacGyver is headed to Apt. 23, and Fox adapts a telenova.

  • PHEW!

    News Briefs: The Voice of Elmo Is No Longer Accused of Having Sex With a Minor

    Plus: There's a MacGyver movie in the works, a Disneyland ride is the basis for a new TV project, and Arrow casts its Vertigo.

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      When a furry animal version of him becomes the mascot for your business BEST:
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    • Jack Dalton
      Is this a cool character or what?What are your feelings on Jack. I think he should have been in more episodes. What do yall think.
    • 9:00 pm
      In an Instant Bad Guys at the Good Guys

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