Season 1 Episode 21

A Prisoner of Conscience

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 1986 on ABC



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    • Natalia: You are black market.
      MacGyver: No, we're just your basic revolutionaries.
      Demetri: Power to the people!

    • MacGyver: Comrade, it is night. Wolves and owls can see. Men and flowers must wait for the sun.

    • Pete: Change the timing?
      MacGyver: Remember Belgrade?
      Pete: Mm. Don't change the timing.

    • Dr. Suvarin: Still having illusions that you are a political prisoner, Demetri?
      Demetri: That's what I am, you bedbug.

    • Natalia: Is he really schizophrenic, or is he political?
      Pete: He's ill. Why do you ask?
      Dr. Suvarin: There are... different modes of treatment.

    • MacGyver: I've never been to Leningrad before. I hear it's a real... party town.

    • MacGyver: All this fun and you wanted to leave me behind.
      Pete: Everybody makes mistakes.

    • Russian Officer: I am only a policeman.
      Maria: Then find yourself an honest trade.

    • Pete: Maria, are you sure you can handle your part of this plan?
      Maria: My part is simple, they take advantage of cheap labor from the village. But yours, MacGyver, is… it's a bit mad.
      MacGyver: Yah, that's the idea.

    • Pete: What the hell are you doing here?
      MacGyver: What do you mean what am I doing here? You take an emergency leave of absence, grab a soviet ID, a map of Northern Russia and you split. You didn't even say goodbye to me?
      Pete: What, so you just naturally have to follow me?
      MacGyver: Pete, we're friends. If you got troubles, I got troubles.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Hinter der Mauer", meaning "Behind the Wall". The French episode title is "Affaire de conscience", meaning "A Matter of Conscience".

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