Season 3 Episode 3

Back From the Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 1987 on ABC
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Jimmy Kendall, living undercover after testifying against his mob bosses, surfaces when he becomes the manager for a winning baseball team.

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  • A helpful second act to the Jimmy "The Eraser" Kendall saga.

    An edgier and more ominous tone to the mob theme helps make for an entertaining second chapter to season two's "The Eraser" with former hit man turned informant Jimmy Kendall's new identity uncovered. While the cameo by Hank Aaron was generally uninspired, the story unfolded in an intriguing and edgy way, with my favorite moment of the episode being Jimmy's coded language with his "priest" on the phone, ultimately leading to Jimmy's receipt of a gun through the confessional window. The acting by Jimmy's daughter and grandson was fairly shaky, but the sense of imminent danger helped the viewer overlook it. The closing scenes in the canning factory, after MacGyver got shot, were some of the most suspenseful scenes produced for MacGyver up to that point in the series. This episode was at least as good as the episode that inspired it.moreless
  • A friend needs help

    This was a decent episode. It seems like MacGyver can't have a personal life because of his commitment with the Phoenix Foundation. At least his job allows him to make friends and this time one is back and needs his help.

    Sometimes people make bad decisions and this was an example. Jimmy couldn't stay under the radar and when his daughter was in danger he even had to betray MacGyver to try to save her. And the grandson.

    Nice to see a baseball legend like Hank Aaron on the show. The MacGyverisms were not spectacular but they were okay. But at least that saved his life.moreless
Joe Santos

Joe Santos

Jimmy "The Eraser" Kendall

Guest Star

Rebecca Balding

Rebecca Balding

Susan Walker

Guest Star

Richard Jamison

Richard Jamison


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Going to the church, MacGyver's Jeep has neither doors nor a roof, but going back to the houseboat it suddenly regains its doors.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Pete: They're never going to find you in Montana.
      Jimmy: Montana? What the hell is in Montana? Buffalo chips and blizzards. Why not Miami?
      MacGyver: You like it warm, you get snow; you like the beach, you climb a mountain; you like baseball, you take up golf. Jimmy, I'm sorry but I'm serious, this is going to be a totally different life for you.

    • MacGyver: What, a friend can't help?
      Jimmy: Boy, you're really thickheaded, you know that?
      MacGyver: You know something? You're right.

    • Jimmy: In the old days I would have had a piece to even up the odds.
      MacGyver: That's not the only way.
      Jimmy: Yeah, and a couple of grenades, too.

    • Jimmy: That mop is not going to hold them long.
      MacGyver: Sometimes you just have to think positive.
      Jimmy: Okay, I'm positive we're dead.

    • Jimmy: This is it? This is where you live?
      MacGyver: Yeah. What's wrong with it?
      Jimmy: It's a houseboat. It's going to sink.
      MacGyver: I'll get you a life jacket.

    • Susan: It's no use, we're trapped.
      Jimmy: Nah, they were tailing us, they would have been here already. And MacGyver, you can't kill him with an axe.

    • Susan: Dad, no. Please.
      Jimmy: That—I guess that's the only thing I ever wanted to hear.

    • Jimmy: Not many guys would take a bullet for a friend.
      MacGyver: What do you say we don't make a habit of it... friend?

    • MacGyver: Growin' up fifteen hundred miles away from the ocean, you hardly ever get a really good sea breeze. So for a Minnesota boy like me, livin' on the water was kinda perfect.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The German episode title is "Schatten der Vergangenheit", meaning "Shades of the Past". The French episode title is "Le retour de Jimmy", meaning "The Return of Jimmy". The Italian episode title is "Due vite per un uomo", meaning "Two Lives for a Man".