Season 6 Episode 17

Blind Faith

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 1991 on ABC

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  • Some decent secret agent hijinks in play and Pete's deteriorating eye condition were well played, but overall execution here was only modest.

    This episode got off to a great start with the death squad execution of Pete's courier and the slow-motion revelation of Pete's declining eye conditon (finally explaining his character's lengthy absence from the series save for a cameo bit in "High Control"). The scene in the kitchen of the safehouse where Pete finally told MacGyver about his eye situation brought to tears to my eyes. The scene with the retrieval of the tape from the trainyard was sufficiently suspenseful as well, but from there, the episode's execution was only modest. Pete and Samantha's off-and-on banter about Pete's glaucoma grew weary and overly melodramatic while Stams' tactics seemed amateurish and his motives for working with the enemy of his government unclear. And considering all of the heavy-handedness related to Pete's eye condition earlier in the episode, the "I'll be your eyes, you be my hands" gambit seemed kind of tacky. I suppose it was all in the interest of Pete proving to himself that he's still valuable, but it still left a funny taste in my mouth. I'm proud of the series for seeking a continued venue for Dana Elcar's talent rather than coldly writing him out of the show, but this episode still felt like the weary work of an aging series, and Pete's visual deterioration served as something of a metaphor for that.