Season 4 Episode 2

Blood Brothers

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Past, 1963 MacGyver and his three childhood friends, Neil, Jesse, and Chuck, make a time capsule out of a lunch box, put one personal item in each, and bury the box. They swear to return in 25 years to dig it up. The Present MacGyver returns to his hometown of Mission City to fulfill his promise. As he drives by an old house, he remembers the day they met at the house and put together enough money to buy a gun. At a basketball court, drug dealer Spider and three local teens cut off one of the players, Sean. Sean tries to run but Spider corners him and tells him it's time to pay up. Sean's friend Danny gets on top of Spider's car and threatens to shatter the window with a rock unless he lets Sean go. Spider lets Sean go and Danny tells him to stay away. One of the local kids, Watts, pulls a gun. Danny drops the rock, shattering the windshield, and runs for it with Sean. Spider and the others go after them but have to call off the chase when a police car drives by. Danny and Sean get clear and Danny demands to know what's going on. Sean insists he isn't doing drugs but Danny doesn't believe him and threatens to walk away. Sean stops him, insisting Danny is the only friend he has, and Danny agrees to stand by his friend. MacGyver goes to visit his friend Chuck, who runs a gun store. Chuck is surprised and uncomfortable at the idea of keeping their childhood promise, but MacGyver insists he'll go alone if he has to. Chuck goes back to help a customer and MacGyver notices the buyer's son playing with a display gun. The Past Young MacGyver struggles with Neil over a handgun. The Present Chuck finishes selling the man a rifle and MacGyver calls him on it. Chuck insists that if he didn't do it, someone else would, but MacGyver isn't impressed. Danny, Chuck's son, arrives with Sean, Neil's son. Danny knows MacGyver from a visit to Los Angeles. After Danny and Sean leave, Chuck tells MacGyver that he never told his son what happened when they were children. He doesn't want Danny to hear about it. MacGyver insists that they were all to blame and it just wasn't Chuck. Chuck finally agrees to keep their promise as long as MacGyver can convince Neil to go along. MacGyver goes to the police station to see Neil. He helps an elderly desk sergeant fix his typewriter spool, and the man remembers MacGyver as the boy who fixed things with bits and pieces. Spider gives guns to Watts and the other two, J.D. and Meat. J.D. is reluctant to escalate things but Spider warns them that if they want to work with his Los Angeles organization, they're going to have to own the town and do whatever it takes. MacGyver talks with Neil, who admits he's not sure if he's got the nerve to go out and dig up their time capsule. MacGyver insists that they all have to do it. Spider and the others watch Chuck's shop. When Danny comes out, they open fire and Danny manages to get to cover and avoid getting shot. Neil and MacGyver respond to the police report and Neil admits they've heard reports that Spider is in town opening up a crack franchise. Danny says he doesn't know Spider and then privately confronts Sean inside the gun store. He tells Sean that Neil needs to know what's going on. Sean doesn't want to, and suggests they tip off the cops about a major crack shipment Spider is receiving. Danny wonders what they're going to do until then and Sean suggests they hide out at his father's cabin on Bell Lake and tell their fathers they're on a fishing trip. Danny reluctantly agrees and Sean tells him to meet him at a pump house near an abandoned state hospital in an hour. MacGyver goes into the store and spots Danny taking one of his father's guns. The Past Young MacGyver picks up a handgun. The Present MacGyver yanks the gun away and asks Danny what's going on. Danny explains that he needs the gun to scare someone but he doesn't think it'll come down to shooting someone. MacGyver warns that with guns, it always comes down to shooting someone. MacGyver figures Danny is protecting Sean and tries to stop Danny. Danny knocks a shelf on MacGyver, grabs the gun, and runs out the back of the store. Chuck and Neil hear the noise and get the shelf off of MacGyver, who explains what happened. The police arrest J.D. and Meat. Watts and Spider escape and Watts is ready to drop the whole matter. Spider warns him that either the police or the Los Angeles dealers will track down Watts no matter where he goes and he has no choice but to help Spider eliminate Danny, the only witness. Watts agrees and Spider figures they can locate Danny by giving Sean drugs. Danny goes to the pump house and loads the gun, dropping some bullets in his haste. Meanwhile, Sean is leaving his house when Spider and Watts capture him. Sean refuses to give up his friend until Spider forces him to use some crack. MacGyver finds Sean at the school, high on crack. Sean admits he told Spider where Danny is and tells MacGyver where they're heading. MacGyver gets Sean to go back and tell Neil what's going on and then goes to rescue Danny. Danny spots Spider and Watts and breaks into the hospital. He heads for the upper floors, stepping in some oil. The two teens follow his footprints while outside, MacGyver arrives at the pump house and spots the bullets. The Past Young MacGyver, Neil, Chuck, and Jesse put bullets into the handgun. The Present Spider and Watts corner Danny and open fire. MacGyver hears the gunshots. The Past Young MacGyver and his friends practice shooting at tin cans. MacGyver shoots first and does well. Jesse backs out while Chuck and Neil beg for a turn. The Present Danny hides to the side while Spider and Watts enter an outer room. Danny locks the door and runs but Watts shoots at him through a window. MacGyver, running up the stairs, hears the shots. The Past Young Neil takes his turn with the gun and decides to shoot a passing bird. MacGyver tries to stop him and the gun goes flying. The Present As Danny runs past MacGyver and down the stairs, he slips on some discarded bullets and falls, shooting himself in the stomach. The Past The gun lands on the ground and goes off. Jesse is shot and collapses. The Present MacGyver hauls Danny to an abandoned treatment room. The Past Young Neil and Chuck run off, leaving MacGyver to try and help his friend. Jesse begs MacGyver not to leave him. The Present MacGyver tries to stop Danny's bleeding with the few supplies left. Above, Spider and Watts break through the locked door and split up to search for Danny. Danny begs MacGyver not to abandon him, just like Jesse did 25 years ago. MacGyver mixes phenolphthalein solution with drain cleaner to create a blood-colored liquid. The Past Young MacGyver takes the wheels off of Jesse's bicycle and takes the metal struts apart. He makes a crude cart, puts Jesse in it, and attaches it to his bicycle. The Present Watts spots the fake blood and follows the trail. MacGyver leaves a trail leading to a walk-in freezer and then puts a fake handprint on the door. When Watts goes inside, MacGyver seals him in and uses the cylinder pin from the gun to lock the door. However, as he leaves, Spider captures him. MacGyver insists he's a janitor but Spider doesn't believe him. The drug dealer forces MacGyver to go back to the treatment room where they spot Danny's blood. Danny himself has disappeared. MacGyver spots Danny hiding behind a screen. The boy collapses and MacGyver slams a gurney into a distracted Spider, knocking him through a window. The Past MacGyver gets Jesse to the nearby road and tries to flag down a car. Someone finally stops and agrees to call an ambulance. The Present MacGyver gets the dying Danny outside, smashing through a locked door with a food cart. He tries to keep Danny's heart going as Chuck, Neil, and Sean arrive with an ambulance. The EMTs take over. The Past The ambulance drivers declare Jesse dead while a stunned MacGyver can only mumble that it was an accident. The Present The EMTs manage to stabilize Danny. Later, MacGyver, Chuck, and Neil go out and dig up the time capsule. As they work, Neil blames himself for failing to notice Sean was on drugs. MacGyver assures him that the treatment program Sean is now in will get him cured. Danny will pull through. The guys each take out the one childhood item they put in. Neil has a rubber spider, Chuck has a baseball, and MacGyver has a homemade non-lethal mousetrap. The final item is Jesse's: a photograph of the four of them and a note saying they were the best pals he ever had.
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