Season 4 Episode 2

Blood Brothers

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 1988 on ABC

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  • MacGyver despise the use of guns.

    This episode dates from around 1989 and still today in 2007 this subject is still up to date. Gun control is and should be a major issue in the USA. Too many people are dying because of careless use of guns. It shouldn't be easy to buy them. Now everybody can go to a store and within 10 mins come out with a killing engine. It's ridiculous and as long as the government don't legislate to make it tougher to buy a gun, this thing will go on. How many more deaths will we endure before we/they do something?? It seems like there's gonna be much more deaths because the american people think they have the right to defend themselves no matter what…

    What is great about MacGyver is that he despise guns (and we learn why in this episode). We need more heroes like him who uses their brains instead of a gun.
  • A dark memory from MacGyver's childhood resurfaces when an old friend's son is almost gunned down by drug dealers who will stop at nothing to kill their target.

    I rate this a series classic, because it is not only a fine display of good story telling and excellent acting, but it also reveals an important fact about why MacGyver hates guns. This entire series is based on MacGyver's hatred for guns, so this is a necessary episode. Jason Priestly does a superb job playing the part of teenager trying to help a friend hooked on drugs. This episode also does an excellent job of combining MacGyver’s childhood memories with the events of the present. It is difficult to do an episode that merges two stories into one, but this episode does it perfectly. It also manages to fit in a couple of classic MacGyverisms. My personal favorite was when he mixed some chemicals together to make what looked like blood so he could trick one of the drug dealers into thinking that a wounded Danny (Jason Priestly) had headed in a certain direction he didn’t really go. After this trick lures the drug dealer to an old cooler, MacGyver drops from a hiding place in the ceiling, using his feet to knock the drug dealer unconscious and locks him in the old cooler. This episode includes all of the themes and characteristics that define a classic MacGyver: drama, adventure, suspense, science, antiviolence, and friendship. Great work!
  • The official fourth season premiere of MacGyver reveals more secrets from the character's past with an impressive present-day story in his hometown that parallels it.

    It wasn't until late November 1988 that MacGyver returned as a regular fixture on ABC's schedule, allowing its sitcom competitors on CBS and NBC a six-week head start in the new season. As was the case going into nearly every season, MacGyver was expected to be the casualty of this arrangement, but actually went on to have his most consistently season ever in the ratings--and in quality--just as NBC's "ALF" and "The Hogan Family" began to lose a little steam and CBS's veteran sitcoms "Newhart" and "Kate and Allie" completely fell apart. The darker and more intense tone of season four likely contributed to larger number of viewers taking notice, showcasing a new side of the series and helping it feel fresh. The haunting tone of "Blood Brothers" is an excellent example, serving up new revelations of MacGyver's tragic past involving his responsibility for an accidental shooting death of his best friend when he was a boy. The story dovetails nicely with an old friend's son whose made himself the target of drug pushers who have taken over his hometown. The story is compelling and the characterizations are much stronger than usual, with a clever and emotional epilogue involving the unearthing of a 25-year-old time capsule. My only grievance was the overly preachy anti-gun tone. I don't have strong feelings either way on guns, but this episode was a precedent-setter for the series taking itself entirely too serious. This episode wasn't as bad as some from upcoming seasons on the preachiness front, but I still cringe when the medic laments "when are they gonna do something about guns" as he looks at Jesse fighting for life. Just my opinion....
  • Fairly intense ending

    For a long time, MacGyver has been against the use of guns, and in this episode, we were show a full flashback of why. We knew why earlier, but this was much more information. His best friend Jessee was accidentally killed by a gun, because it was knocked out of a friend's hand and it went off after hitting the ground.

    This episode is part flashback and part real-time. Mac goes to Minnesota to dig up a time capsule, as he and his friends agreed to do one day. They're all a little hesitant to do so. It turns out that their kids are now wrapped up with a drug dealer, and he wants his money. The last 20-25 minutes of the show are a bit more intense, what with guns going off and whatnot.