Season 4 Episode 2

Blood Brothers

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 1988 on ABC

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  • A dark memory from MacGyver's childhood resurfaces when an old friend's son is almost gunned down by drug dealers who will stop at nothing to kill their target.

    I rate this a series classic, because it is not only a fine display of good story telling and excellent acting, but it also reveals an important fact about why MacGyver hates guns. This entire series is based on MacGyver's hatred for guns, so this is a necessary episode. Jason Priestly does a superb job playing the part of teenager trying to help a friend hooked on drugs. This episode also does an excellent job of combining MacGyver’s childhood memories with the events of the present. It is difficult to do an episode that merges two stories into one, but this episode does it perfectly. It also manages to fit in a couple of classic MacGyverisms. My personal favorite was when he mixed some chemicals together to make what looked like blood so he could trick one of the drug dealers into thinking that a wounded Danny (Jason Priestly) had headed in a certain direction he didn’t really go. After this trick lures the drug dealer to an old cooler, MacGyver drops from a hiding place in the ceiling, using his feet to knock the drug dealer unconscious and locks him in the old cooler. This episode includes all of the themes and characteristics that define a classic MacGyver: drama, adventure, suspense, science, antiviolence, and friendship. Great work!