Season 3 Episode 10

Blow Out

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 21, 1987 on ABC

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  • The third season rolls on nicely with a terrorist-themed episode and a flu-stricken MacGyver.

    Was Richard Dean Anderson really sick during the filming of this episode or did writers simply think it would be a fun quirk to see how Mac would operate with the flu? I don't know the answer to that and am curious if anyone else does. Whatever the case, the episode's best moment was the baking-soda-in-a-hot-water-bottle cocktail that was most directly connected to MacGyver's influenza, so his illness fit proved to a productive subplot either way. The main story was entertaining as well with a terrorist bomb plot that turned out eerily similar to the Oklahoma City bomb plot seven and a half years later. The action was steady and suspenseful throughout with an exciting high-speed race-against-the-clock climax in which the mail truck bomb was cleverly thwarted by drowning the explosive device in cement. I had two grievances with the execution of this episode, however, and both involved the terrorists. Here was this well-organized terrorist group who would seem capable of hiring a professional to pull off the assassination against Nikki rather than farming it out to their errand boy. Furthermore, why on Earth would they leave all the photo evidence of the target of their terrorist attack laying around in the warehouse for law enforcement to find when they already knew (due to the paint can tracking the movement of Eric Dunlap) that the authorities were onto them. These plotholes aside, this was a fun and engaging episode. Unfortunately, it had been nearly a month since another new MacGyver episode had aired, and ratings continued to suffer for it even when this episode did air, scoring a weak 11.4 rating. This was the final episode during the football season, however, so things would be on the upswing.
  • Very intense episode

    One thing that came to mind went was the similarity between the plot to bomb the builing and the one of the Oklahoma bombing several years ago. I liked that subplot of the revelation of Nikki's deceased husband. I think it gave Elyssa Davalos an opportunity to show her acting skills and I think she passed the test. Her partnership with MacGyver is doing well so far and even when I liked to see MacGvyer alone, they make a great team.

    The last scene had me on the edge of my seat. I was basically counting the seconds until MacGvyer was able to defuse the bomb, his way. One other thing that I found funny is the technology that we see in this episode was so brand new at that time, with those printers and that software that made us all very excited that they were able to identify bad guys with it.
  • Macgyver must stop terrorists from blowing up the Hall of Justice in downtown LA.

    In my opinion,this is one of the best Macgyver episodes ever made,and is one of my favorite (if not very favorite) episodes. First,the opening is one of the best ever done. Macgyver stops armed robbers inside a grocery store with homemade tear gas made from items from the store's shelves.

    The main plot starts when Macgyver's new colleague,Nikki Carpenter,is mugged outside of a post office that is bombed shortly after. Later that day after the same man tries to run her over with his car,she comes to Macgyver for help. Macgyver then finds out the man who mugged her is a local guy helping two men who want a terrorist (who Pete Thorton helped lock up a few weeks before named Marcus) out of jail. That night when the same guy again tries to kill her by breaking into her apartment,the trail leads Macgyver to the men who are behind the post office bombing. But it ends up the post office was only their first warning,and Macgyver soon finds out what they plan to blow up next: The Hall of Justice in downtown LA using a mail truck filled with explosives. The show reaches it's climax as Macgyver drives the truck away from the Hall of Justice,and has a construction worker fill it with cement to stop the explosion.