Season 3 Episode 10

Blow Out

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 21, 1987 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • There is no Dunbar Postal Station in Los Angeles, CA, (Nikki's listed home address) and such a building wouldn't be referred to in the U.S. as a "postal station." There is a Dunbar Postal Station in Vancouver, where this episode of MacGyver was filmed.

    • According to Nikki's driver's license, she stands 5'10" and was born 30/5/59 (making her 28 years old). She lives at 2723 Forester Lane, Los Angeles, CA.

  • Quotes

    • MacGyver: Excuse me, could you tell me where where I could find some eucalyptus leaves?
      Box Boy: (sarcastically) Australia.
      MacGyver: Thanks for your help.

    • Pete: I thought you were going to stay home in bed and take care of that cold.
      MacGyver: I was. I am. How was I to know I was going to walk into a robbery? Police kept me tied up for hours.
      Pete: Well, the hidden cost of heroism.

    • Nikki: I don't want you involved. Do you understand me? I'll just handle this myself.
      MacGyver: Nobody gets close to Nikki Carpenter because Nikki's jinxed, is that it?
      Nikki: (MacGyver grabs her) Let me out of here!
      MacGyver: You think my involvement here is going to get me killed because it got your husband killed, right?
      Nikki: (upset) Stop it!
      MacGyver: How much longer can you go on telling people you're divorced? How much longer can you go on blaming yourself?
      Nikki: (crying) It was my fault. I should've known. It was a mob hit, and that car bomb was meant for me, not him.

    • Nikki: I'm a professional, and you make up stuff as you go along.
      MacGyver: Whatever works.

    • Nikki: How do you know about those investigations? (pauses) You have read my file, haven't you?
      MacGyver: Yeah, I have.
      Nikki: (upset) How dare you go digging into my private life?
      MacGyver: Somebody is after you; you came to me for help.
      Nikki: Well, I don't need your help.

    • Nikki: I need to talk to you.
      MacGyver: You? And me? Talk?

    • Nikki: I appreciate your help, MacGyver, but it's me this maniac is after, I can't just sit on my tail and wait for you to solve the problem.
      MacGyver: You can keep your tail from getting shot off! Will you just let me handle it?
      Nikki: How about... no.

    • Pete: You two amaze me, you know that? She comes to you for help and then won't ask for it. And then you come to me to tell me that you're worried about her. Did you two ever think of having a normal conversation?

    • Nikki: MacGyver, you could have been... What if that cement truck hadn't been there?
      MacGyver: I'd have gone to Plan B.
      Pete: What was that?
      MacGyver: I don't know. Plan A worked.

    • Nikki: (referring to Pete) What's gotten into him?
      MacGyver: He gets cranky sometimes.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Das Attentat", meaning "Assassination Attempt". The Finnish episode title is "Räjähdysvaara", meaning "Risk of Explosion". The French episode title is "Rencontre explosive", meaning "Explosive Encounter". The Italian episode title is "La rapina sventata", meaning "The Foiled Robbery".

  • Allusions

    • MacGyver mentions he and Nikki will need to, "follow the Yellow Brick Road," using the name of the path Dorothy takes to Emerald City in Victor Fleming's 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz.