Season 5 Episode 4

Cease Fire

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Phoenix Foundation is arranging a peace treaty between the Samadians and Asmirs. The conference is being held in Switzerland, and MacGyver is working with the Asmirian's delegation at their mountain chalet. After working with the Asmirians, MacGyver takes a tram down the mountain and goes to the Samadian headquarters where Pete and the U.S. State Department official, Walker, are working with President Habad. MacGyver informs them the Asmirians have agreed to a removal of forces from contested lands and Habad meets with his advisors, including Yanif. Pete warns that Yanif has been opposing Habad's peaceful inclinations throughout the conference. Habad finally agrees and Pete arranges for a 3 o'clock signing ceremony. As Pete and MacGyver talk with Habad, Yanif calls one of his aides over and gives him whispered instructions.

Pete, Walker, and the Samadians go out on the terrace for lunch. MacGyver notices Yanif ordering one of the writers to remove the umbrellas and notices Yanif's giving a case to another man. MacGyver follows the man into the woods and watches as he removes a sniper rifle from the case, and then draws a bead on Habad. MacGyver jumps the sniper and ruins his shot, and then knocks out the man. However, Yanif's aide knocks him out and radios Yanif. Yanif gets everyone inside and Pete goes to notify the Swiss police. Yanif goes to MacGyver and tosses him the rifle, getting his fingerprints on it, and then prepares to shoot him and frame him as the sniper. MacGyver tosses the rifle at them and runs, but is brought up short at a cliff. Yanif shoots him in the side and MacGyver slides down to the bottom, seemingly dead.

Yanif calls Habad and informs him that MacGyver was the sniper. Pete insists on investigating and goes to the cliff, while Yanif suggests that the Asmirians converted MacGyver to their side. They arrive at the cliff only to discover that MacGyver survived the fall and the bullet wound and stumbled away. Pete looks for his friend's trail while Yanif orders his men to find MacGyver and dispose of him for good.

At a nearby international school for girls, American student Lisa Goodman is waiting for her parents to arrive for Parents Day. They never show up.

Pete is determined to find MacGyver but Walker warns him that he needs to be there to finalize the peace treaty. Pete is reluctant but Habad warns that if he isn't there, he won't sign the treaty. Pete has no choice but to stay with Habad.

MacGyver makes his way through the woods to the edge of the girls' school. As he arrives, Headmaster Blake comes over to see Lisa and tell her that her parents called to say they wouldn't be there because of a meeting with their lawyer. He tries to assure her that it's not her fault they're getting a divorce but Lisa isn't convinced. The police arrive to search the school and Blake goes over to help them. Once he's gone, MacGyver gets Lisa's attention and explains that the police are looking for him. She decides to trust him and gives her his scarf to bind his wound. When he asks for more assistance, she admits that she lacks self-confidence. MacGyver assures her she can do whatever she puts her mind to and she agrees to hide him at a nearby boathouse and get a first aid kit for him.

As he waits for Lisa, MacGyver tries to start the boat but realizes the spark plug is missing an electrode. When Lisa comes back, she explains about her parents' divorce and figures they're taking the easy way out by breaking up. MacGyver tells her to tell her parents what she just told him. MacGyver uses an improvised arc welder and a nail to fix the spark plug, but is interrupted when Yanif comes to check out the boathouse. Thinking quickly, Lisa steps out and tells him that she saw MacGyver by the clearing. She goes with Yanif and his men to help search and MacGyver works on the spark plug.

At the clearing, Lisa realizes that MacGyver dropped her bloody scarf. As she slips over to hide it, Yanif and his men discuss their plan to kill Habad that afternoon. However, Yanif's aide notices the scarf and Yanif realizes she's hiding MacGyver. She runs to the boathouse just as MacGyver finishes the repairs and starts the boat. She leaps into the boat, knocking his Swiss Army knife into the water, and MacGyver has no choice but to take her with him. Lisa tells MacGyver what she heard and he realizes Yanif is going after Habad at the signing ceremony.

MacGyver and Lisa get to shore and go to the Samadian headquarters. They just miss Pete, Walker, and Habad as they leave for the ceremony at the Asmirian chalet. MacGyver tells Lisa to warn the police while he steals a motorcycle and drives for the tram station connected to the chalet. Meanwhile, Yanif and his aide secretly attach a bomb to the underside of the gondola.

Lisa finds a policeman and tries to explain what's going on. When he dismisses her story, she tells him to shut up and listen.

Pete, Habad, and Walker get into the gondola and proceed up to the chalet. MacGyver arrives just too late and spots the bomb fastened to the bottom. He drives through the woods and heads for the one of the tram's support towers. Meanwhile, Lisa arrives with the police and contacts Pete via radio. She tells him that Yanif is involved and the police take him into custody.

MacGyver climbs up the support pole and drops onto the gondola as it passes underneath. Habad's men are prepared to shoot him but Pete convinces Habad that MacGyver isn't a killer. Habad tells his men to put down their guns and they stop the gondola. With only seconds left, MacGyver borrows a knife from the tram assistant and uses a rope to drop beneath the gondola. Swinging over, he uses the knife to cut the tape on the bomb and it drops off, detonating safely below.

Later, MacGyver meets with Lisa, who tells them that her parents listened to what they said and are talking out rather than getting a divorce. She thanks MacGyver for helping to negotiate a cease fire of her own.