Season 4 Episode 9

Cleo Rocks

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 1989 on ABC

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  • Murdoc disguises as a theatre producer to get close to Mac's friend and kill him.

    Wow this episode was probably the weakest and borderline laughable appearence by Murdoc.

    It seems that whenever the writers ran out of ideas they (pun intended) brought the dead Murdoc back to the show. By this point, it wasn't really humanly possible they could do (remember Murdoc "died" in flames, then was seen flying off a cliff for his "death"). Let's get to why this isn't the best Mac episode:

    First Murdoc's disguise is pathetic. In prior episodes he has been able to disguise himself better or stay out of sight but the writers ended up showing him at the beginning. The disguise is so bad that my later Grandmother could have spot him.

    It baffles the mind that Macgyver doesn't see through the phony French get up he has. It takes him nearly half the episode to finally spot him. Wow. Ignoring that the whole theater storyline is just unaspring. Penny just was never a really developed character to begin with to warrant an episode for her so why do it? She's just a ditz with a pretty face that's it.

    As I said seems like the writers ran out of ideas here. Teri Hatcher still is beautiful to this day but her days on Macgyver where nothing to write home about.

    The rest of the episode is with the usual traps and tasteless gags Murdoc is known for. Still it's kind of an average episode.