Season 4 Episode 5

Collision Course

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 1988 on ABC

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  • The cliched and predictable race in the finale keeps the episode stuck in marginal gear by this series' standards.

    Ah yes....another revelation of one of MacGyver's hidden skills. It now seems that he used to dabble on the stock car racing circuit in Europe as a young man (what didn't this guy do before he became the ultimate houseboat-dwelling loner/couch potato?). Clearly, this latest character revelation was a cheap ploy to establish a racecar-themed episode. The episode was entertaining, but below average for this series. G. Gordon Liddy and Kai Wulff were entertaining villains, and the hold they had over O'Malley was put to good effect. Nonetheless, the convenient way in which Pete stumbled upon the evidence that ultimately condemned Strickland and Visser was a fairly lazy resolution to the criminal plot.....and the booster that Visser had attached to his fuel line, while entertaining, was silly as a plot device considering racing inspectors would have caught that in a second. And the last-to-first race in the episode's finale (with a car driven by a guy who's been out of the circuit for more than a decade) was cheesy and predictable. This was a modest effort and generally good fun, but not quite up to the MacGyver standards.

    This was the final episode of 1988, meaning the competition with the football season was about to end. Ultimately, the arrangement worked out for the series as the majority of the new season would take place after the football season. "Collision Course" was the lowest-rated episode of the season with an 11.7 rating, but the numbers went nowhere but up with the 1989 episodes.