Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 1986 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Pete shows Charlie and MacGyver the location of the Victoria to Typhoon Harry, the silhouette of the storm is more reminiscent of a tornado rather than a tropical cyclone.

    • When moving from the balcony to his apartment's interior, MacGyver's shirt changes color.

  • Quotes

    • MacGyver: Sure is great to start off a sunny day thinking about the people you like most. My pal Susan, for instance. She's my landlady, the building maintenance person - and the only human being who's figured out how to keep me organized. So, how do I repay her? A twenty-first century breakfast, of course. I wonder how she likes her eggs.

    • Susan: I think I'll hang loose over here in the past. Might be safer.

    • MacGyver: Okay, Susan, this is the future. Or, part of it anyway.

    • Pete: Mac, I need your help.
      MacGyver: Last time you said that to me, I ended up in Washington, wearing a pin-striped suit and a necktie.

    • MacGyver: I had this contract with Pete Thornton's outfit that says I take only those jobs I wanna take. Now, you'd think I'd say "no" once in a while. Especially when Pete wants to put me in the middle of the ocean to babysit a bomb.

    • MacGyver: Pick a number between one and ten, quick!
      Charlie: Seven.
      MacGyver: Close, but wrong; I go first.

    • MacGyver: It's not technology, it's… art.
      Pete: Art?! MacGyver, it's a damn bomb!
      MacGyver: You just lack artistic taste.

    • Atkins: The search party found another one. In the auxiliary power room.
      MacGyver: You got two neon signs?

    • Charlie: Pick a number, Mac.
      MacGyver: Oh, no. We played that game already.
      Charlie: I guess that means it's my turn to go first.

    • MacGyver: Just hold a steady course, and think positive thoughts.

    • Carol: Tell me, Mr. MacGyver. Would you want to know that a very good possibility exists that you could die a violent death some time during the next three hours?
      MacGyver: Yes, Ma'am, I would.

    • Charlie: You're a wonder, a true wonder.
      MacGyver: Just survival, Charlie.

    • Charlie: Ignore him. He has this irrepressible paternal instinct toward me.

    • MacGyver: Hey Pete, don't forget you and I have got a little golf match as soon as this is job is over.
      Pete: Yeah right, and I'm gonna spot you a stroke a hole, buddy!

    • (Mac and Charlie are getting ready to defuse the bombs)
      MacGyver: Charlie, remember the routine in 'nam: By the numbers. Slow and easy. And we'll live forever.

    • MacGyver: Charlie, you got a screw loose, you know that?!
      Charlie: (nonchalantly) So what else is new?

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Wenn Bomben ticken", meaning "When Bombs Tick". The Italian episode title is "A pochi secondi dalla fine", meaning "A Few Seconds from the End".

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