Season 2 Episode 21

D.O.A.: MacGyver

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 1987 on ABC

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  • From the worst form of Clip Show to the best. Clipshow number 3 starts, It's better, but is it good?

    There must have been a bet between writers of MacGyver. Who can make the best clip show? Or maybe the show with the least McGyverisms and most crap?

    Either way this is the third MacGyver episode in a row that has flashbacks, more often known as "clips" and with as many these shows have they become "clip shows". As meantioned in the previous show's review there's a numerous amount of clip shows, but unlike that, this is a fine example of how it works.

    The episode starts with a little excitement, of which Macgyver loses his memory. Which starts the main story. MacGyver then meets a young lady (wow, it's as if he's using Axe body shots every week. He meets more hotties than Hugh Hefner.) Who after a quick run in helps him out until he regains his memories. His memories come back a little at a time from sound, sight, and actions. And if that's not enough, there's a touching ending with Pete's talk about them.

    However there's very few MacGyverisms, actually only one major one. The fixing of a young kids bike. So fans of his quirky inventions might be disappointed, however the story is very solid, and their's more action than many episodes.

    Overall this is a decent MacGyver episode. It could have used a little more of his inventiveness, but with his brains scrambled, its understandable. There is a great story, and fans of the shows likely will not be disappointed, unlike with the previous week's episodes.
  • pretty good episode...

    MacGyver gets shot and falls out of a window into the water. He then gets onto a passing boat and meets a lady who decides to try to help him. Mac has amnesia and the bad guys eventually get him and tell him that Pete is bad and when he's about to shoot Pete Mac remembers and yadda yadda. Anyways, the episode has good action and a great story. Mac actually handled a gun for once, even though he didn't remember anything. The main thing that bugged me was the woman that helped him (I forgot her name). She acted in Star Trek Deep Space Nine and I just kept seeing her as Major Kira and it screwed up the moment. Anyways, good episode and one of the top ones. Actually, another thing, they've done the amnesia thing before, but this time it was a little different and better.
  • The "amnesia" theme is usually pretty ridiculous, but this episode had enough other things going on to hold its own.

    This episode got off to a great and suspenseful start with the murky espionage theme in full effect and the thugs chasing MacGyver through the warehouse after killing Braddock. I always roll my eyes at the far-fetched "amnesia" theme because writers never seem completely effective at flawlessly pulling it off. "DOA: MacGyver" did a pretty good job, but still managed the faux pas of having MacGyver tell young Jason that "the chain on his bike used to break all the time when he was a boy" right in the midst of his amnesia. Beyond that, however, commercial fisherwoman Carol Varnay was one of the few three-dimensional female characters featured on the series, not easily fitting the typical categories of "bimbo of the week", "damsel in distress", or "femme fatale" and was well played by actress Nana Visitor. The ragtag team of villains were not as convincing and seemed far too disorganized to be taken seriously as shadowy assassins. Nonetheless, the final scene with Pete was done about as well as one could expect and gave some dramatic momentum to the episode. The final scene before the epilogue, where Mac tucked the bomb into a conveniently placed metal can and tossed it under Lancer's motor home two seconds before it exploded, was kind of weak, but the episode was nonetheless satisfying overall. And unlike "Friends", flashbacks were used effectively in this one.