Season 2 Episode 17

Dalton, Jack of Spies

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 1987 on ABC

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  • I just couldn't get into this episode.

    I know this episode has its share of fans, but I was not one of them. Jack Dalton added a burst of energy, but he couldn't overcome a lackluster script full of goofy yet uninspired twists. There were just too many dumb scenes, such as when Mac and Jack conned trained CIA agents into letting them ram their motorcycle into Michaels' car, allowing them time to escape. Even worse was the aimless scene in the strip joint where Shadow, Jack, and Mac implausibly escape from the CIA agents holding them at gunpoint, then decide they want to capture one of them to help prove their innocence, and then let him get away again. The revelation of the gee-whiz "cipher machine" wasn't worth the climactic build-up and far too much time was wasted on figuring it out, even with the bad guys one room away. Things briefly heated up when Mac, Jack and Shadow were trapped in the compacting garbage truck, but the ending was unsatisfying and anti-climactic. Not much to say about this episode other than I found it boring, at least by MacGyver standards, and would rank it as the weakest episode thus far into the series' run.
  • Jack is back...

    You know, even when Jack Dalton is a very good friend of Macgyver's, I hate the fact that he always gets Mac into trouble. But hey, if it wasn´t for him, we wouldn´t have adventure.

    This episode wasn´t very good, but it was fun (with Jack always getting into trouble and getting out of it without fear or worry, the only one that seems to worry is Mac)and exciting. I was suffering when the trio were in the back of that garbage truck but they came out unharmed.

    I liked how they got the police attention to go and get the bad guys, instead of playing heroes and try to catch them on their own.